best winterboard theme

Best 5 Winterboard Themes 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak August 16, 2014 Video

It’s time once again for us to share Five cool Winterboard Themes with you. Let us know in the comments if you find a cool theme we havent shared. We are always looking for new fresh content for our readers which is you. This weeks themes covers a wide range of taste from flat style to more 3D type. You can find our list below but be sure to watch the video and share it socially before leaving.

installous alt.

Installous Alternatives 2014

The best alternative we have found and can get working on a dependable basis is vShare. vShare will allow you to download and install any application in the iTunes App Store. It’s broken down into five different categories across the bottom. Users can find their app fastest by using the search feature in the top right side of the screen. Tap the magnifying glass and it will open a search bar where users can type the name of the app they are looking to find. Refer to the photo below to see how vShare looks inside.

iphone as USB

How To Use iPhone For USB Storage

We have all needed to carry extra files with us in the past. What better way to carry those as to put them on your mobile device. It turns out theres a few different ways to accomplish this task. We always try to find a free way to do things but sometimes it’s not possible. We are going to share a couple apps in the App store and also thew jailbroken way. Which turns out the jailbroken way is the best way.

mobile gambling

A guide to mobile sports betting

Mobile sports betting has become more popular in recent years and many new players are cashing in on their knowledge and passion for a sports discipline by betting on the outcomes of matches and winning money if they get it right.

Now it is easier than ever to try your luck at sports betting and thanks to mobile apps and online sports books which you can access from your smartphone or tablet, you too can participate in this growing gaming genre.


Best Top 30 FREE Cydia Tweaks for Pangu Jailbreak 7.1.2

We try to bring you at least Five Free Cydia Tweaks every week. However, this week we have done something really special. We have put together a list of our Top 30 Free Cydia Tweaks released over the past couple months. This video doesn’t include every free tweak we feel is good. These are the Top 30 Free Tweaks which have been released over the past couple months.

No Facebook Messenger

How to Send Facebook Messages Without Using Messenger App

A few weeks ago Facebook announced it was going to disable messages inside the main Facebook application. Why? No idea? This would require all Facebook users who send messages to download their Messenger application. So now instead of having one Facebook application users will have to deal with two. And if you are a user of Paper Facebook you may have up to three apps which relate to Facebook alone.


Track Your Budget & Expenditure Using This Interesting iPhone App

what this iPhone app can do for you. It’s called Value-Personal Finance Manager with Budgets, Income & Expenditure Tracker, Calendar and Reports.

The name itself gives you a clue on what this app does. It’s about tracking your budget, expense, date and time. These elements are very important if you want to make profits out of the little that you earn. They say time is money, and there’s your proof. Time is always proportional to money as seen in this app.

Top 10 Free Cydia Tweaks

Top 10 FREE iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks August 2014

We have created this weeks Top 10 Free Cydia Tweaks iOS 7 Pangu Jailbreak video. We always try to have at least five tweaks in our videos but this weeks tweaks were so plentiful we were able to have ten instead. We hope you enjoy these Ten Tweaks below. Please take a brief moment to leave a comment here on the channel and the site below the video. It really helps others find their way here when you do.

best five tweaks of week

Best Five Cydia Tweaks of The Week 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak

We bring the Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for the week every Sunday. Be sure to bookmark the site to find your way back every Sunday if not daily for the best Cydia Tweaks and much more. This weeks tweaks includes several awesome tweaks users will get lots of use from using.

best winterboard theme

Top Five Winterboard Themes 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak

We enjoy sharing the Top Themes each week as well as our tweaks. This week has been very fruitful to say the least with themes and tweaks alike. This weeks themes are very nice themes. We try to cover a broad range which all users can find at least one theme from our efforts. Below is the list of the themes along with their Repo and price.

iphone 6 clone comparison

iPhone 6 Clone Comparison To iPhone 5

Check out how we compare the iPhone 6 Clone to the iPhone 5/5S. We show actual tape measurements, physical appearances, and overall feel. Last but not least we show video shot through the iPhone 6 Clone compared to iPhone 5. This will give viewers a look at how the new iPhone 6 will compare to the previous models of the iPhone

best seven free cydia tweaks

Best Seven Free Cydia Tweaks 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak

We have put together a list of seven of the Top Seven Free Cydia Tweaks this week for iOS 7.1.2. These are some of the best Free Tweaks we have had in quite some time. You can find the list below. Watch the video below which shows each tweak and how it performs in iOS 7. These are sure to become some of your favorite tweaks.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush iOS app

Crazy Taxi City Rush iOS App

Anyone who’s over the age of 30 can attest that the 90′s was a time of enjoyable games and fun. Because of its influence on individuals, it is easy to see why many would draw inspiration on these games. One of the new games that have become available on the iOS app store is Crazy […]