Shuffler iOS App Screenshot

Shuffler Game Review for iOS 7

As you will see in this iOS game review, Shuffler Game is puzzle game for Apple platforms developed by QNELL. You will have a collection of sliding puzzle games made in a similar manner to the classic sliding tile puzzles that involve arranging numbers in order or constructing a picture.

Unflod Malware

A Malware Called “Unflod Baby Panda” Found On Jailbroken Devices

We’ve often heard that iOS is the most secure platform and but when a user jailbreaks it, there might be a risk of reduced security [...]

iPad Air 2 Front Panel

New Image Of The iPad Air 2 Front Panel With Integrated Display Leaks

Previously, we saw a leaked image of the alleged iPhone 6 front panel featuring a large display and a narrower bezel. However, this time, an image [...]

iPhone 5 Showing Speedometer

Five Simple Ways To Increase iPhone Performance Speeds Running iOS 7

Are you looking to boost you iPhone speed? Tired waiting for the next iPhone release to get faster speeds? We have put together five simple ways users may increase iPhone speed with little to zero cost. Do we have your attention yet?

Currency ProWidget

Currency ProWidget: How To Add This Widget To Your ProWidget

Currency ProWidget is a new widget that you can install and use it by ProWidget. Last month, the Developer Alan Yip released a very interesting and useful tweak known as ProWidget which allowed you to open multiple widget at the same time, making multitasking a piece of cake. Along with it, ProWidget had the capability of […]


QuickWeather: Have Quick Access To Weather Information Via Activator

QuickWeather is another tweak for displaying the weather information in blink of an eye. QuickWeather make use of activator gestures to create a pop up on your iDevice displaying the weather of your city you are living in. Checking weather information has become a luxury for many of us as we frequently check them. Therefore […]


TIOL Lite iOS App Review

There’s a newly launched game that’s already gaining a number of positive feedback from the people who have played it. Called TIOL Lite iOS app, the name actually stands for This Is Our Land; a new dynamic game with intuitive fighting mode. If you’re looking for a new combat game to play on your iPad, […]


Rssie iOS App Review

Nowadays, RSS reader apps are available abundantly on the app store; each with a corresponding price and set of features. Mostly, some of them are inclusive of a few other unnecessary features that make using the app a little disheartening. Ever since Google shut down its RSS reader service, users have always been on the […]


Images Of The Alleged iPhone 6 Silicon Cases Surface Online

With the release of the iPhone 5s and the 5c months ago, Apple’s next flagship, the iPhone 6, is already on a frenzy and has grabbed quite a lot of attentions already with rumors already stating that…


Apple Launches The 8GB Model Of The iPhone 5c In More European Markets

Last month, Apple released the 8GB variant of the iPhone 5c which was up for sale in the the UK, France, Germany, Australia and China. The company has now introduced the 8GB version to more…

iOS GasBuddy App

Top Three iPhone Apps To Help Drivers Become Kings On The Road

Use iPhone apps to become King of the Road. Cars have become complex gadgets and more and more people are in need of them these days. There is not too much information out there to enlighten us about what changes are being made in cars today. In fact, even if the information is out there, we will never catch up with it as changes are constantly happening.

Activator iOS 7 Screenshot

How To Use Activator For Battery Alerts Below Certain Percentage or Completes Charge

Ryan Petrich tweeted last week teasing the jailbreak community how Activator could be used for alerting users when battery levels reach certain level. Whether users wish to be alerted when the level falls below a certain percentage or reaches a complete charge, thats up to the user.

iPhone 6 front panel

Compare iPhone 5 To iPhone 6 Leaked Photo April 2014

The day after we shared the latest photos of the iPhone 6 we get our first comparison photo shared on a Chinese forum. This photo shows the front bezel of the new iPhone 6 with an iPhone 5 beside it. This really puts the increase in size into perspective. Although, we’ve seen many different photos of the iPhone 6 from schematic drawings to labeled sections and parts.