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Why the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are tailor-made for gaming

Apple finally made a much anticipated announcement regarding the iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus smart phones on Tuesday and with several key details of the phones revealed, it is easy to see why the pair of devices could prove to be perfect for gaming. As much as iPhones of the past have enticed us with their quality games such as Infinity Blade and Real Racing, for example, there has been much clamour surrounding the insistence by iPhone developers that they can offer us console-like graphics.


Svea iOS 7 Winterboard Theme: Brand New Beauty

I believe that there is always something out there extraordinary to find, and Svea iOS 7 winterboard theme has caught my attention since before it was out. To me, this theme.


Gunnii iOS 7 Winterboard Theme: Simplicity Has Never Been So Clean

Ever since the iOS 7 jailbreak came out, there have been many flat themes trying to “imitate” or “mimic” its design. Gunnii iOS 7 Winterboard theme makes .


Cyan For iPhone: The Revolutionary Facebook App

Are you tired of the native Facebook app? Are you sick of its lagging UI and its old features being removed? Maybe you simply don’t like the new UI? If your answer was ‘yes’ to either of the questions, then stay tuned. Cyan for iPhone will change the way all Facebook users look at this social site ever again. This is no ordinary application, this is an out of this world experience for Facebook users.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and U2 Lead Singer Beno

U2’s New Album Appearing on Music Apps Near You

During Tuesday’s Keynote,  Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence” will be free to all iTunes customers.  What they didn’t mention,  Apple will forcibly add this album to your iTunes library via iTunes in the Cloud.  In other means,  it’s automatically purchased.  Several users have began complaining on Twitter,  claiming they […]

Uncarrer 7 Featured

T-Mobile Announces Uncarrier 7: Wi-Fi Unleashed

T-Mobile has just taken the wraps off of its seventh release of its popular service,  Uncarrier. Uncarrier 7 plans to release all of your Wi-Fi issues. Uncarrier 7 offers Wi-Fi calling and texting to every single Simple Choice customer with a smartphone.  All smartphones are eligible for Wi-Fi calling and texting.  If you’re not a […]


New Reservation Pass to be Used For iPhone 6 Retail Launch

According to 9to5Mac,  Apple will be using a new reservation pass system for customers that’ll waiting in line for the iPhone 6 launch.  According to the site,  Apple has begun sending out training equipment to employees for the system.  Which will be called, “Reservation Pass.” Reservation Pass is a virtual line,  allowing Apple to better […]


Apple Watch: Specially Designed Watch For Left-Handed Users

If you’re left-handed,  Apple’s Keynote yesterday might’ve frightened you.  If you’ve noticed the Apple Watch has the digital crown — as Apple is calling it — on the right side.  Obviously,  it’s not the best place for left handers. Luckily,  if you’re a left handed,  Apple will allows users to decide which side they want […]


Apple Watch: Is It WaterProof?

The Apple Watch stole the stage yesterday at Apple’s Keynote.  There’s still plenty of questions answered.  David Pogue has a bit more information. Firstly, the Apple Watch isn’t waterproof.  Some have claimed that it was waterproof.  It’s water resistant.  So you don’t need to take it off to wash your hands,  cook or even if […]

iPhone 6 camera

Which iPhone 6 Will You Buy? Camera Specs & Battery Life

The Official iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have finally been revealed. Apple fans will only have to wait a few more days which may seem like weeks to some. Anyway, now the question remains which device should I buy? We are going to present the features of each device and hopefully afterwards you will be able to make a decision much easier.

iCloud Drive MacBook Air iPhone 5s

New iCloud Pricing Announced, up to 1TB of Storage

Somewhere in the craziness after Apple’s keynote yesterday,  Apple has quietly posted their new iCloud pricing on its iCloud page yesterday.  Storage go anywhere from 5GB to 1TB. The pricing is competitive but still has the ‘Apple tax’ everyone loves.  For example,  Dropbox and Google Drive is offering it’s 1TB of its cloud based storage […]


Apple September 9th Event Now Available for On-Demand Streaming

If you missed Apple’s live keynote this morning,  you’ll be happy to know that you can now watch the keynote in its entirety., on-demand.  Alternatively,  you can check out our coverage here on iPhone Captain.  But if you have the time,  it’s definitely worth the time. The event has yet to appear on Apple’s official YouTube […]


Goodbye, iPod Classic

It’s been nearly five years since the iPod Classic was updated.  Every two years we see an update on the iPod line,  for the last two iPod refreshes we did not see any mention of the iPod Classic. And today it seems as though Apple has put the iPod Classic up in gadget heaven. Having […]