Gestr: Assign Hand-Drawn Gestures As Application Shortcut

Another alternative to the stock app switcher is Gestr tweak. Instead of double clicking your home button and select an app, you can assign gestures to any app you want as a shortcut. Once you perform a gesture for a particular app anywhere on the iOS, that app will open up accordingly.


Faster Way To Find Things Online: pickWeb iOS App Review

pickWeb offers users an indexed list of the top web sites divided into different categories based on subject and location.  It makes surfing the top websites much more enjoyable without having to wade through the thousands of sites plus all the advertising.  It’s straight to the site without any distractions to bother you. 


ColorY0urBoard: Give Your Keyboard A Sense Of Color

Looking for a way to customize that boring stock keyboard color within your iOS, ColorYourBoard can change the colors for you. Its an application that solely helps you to change the color of the keyboard to anything you like. The app includes features like color wheel , something you can find in image editing applications, select your brightness and transparency colors as well.


iPhone Monitoring App– You Better Know Your Children

In this modern world, everything has become very rapid and digital. The new generation is rapidly converting into a digital generation where one essentially needs to learn how to use digital devices to get to know them. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to get to know the digital devices. In this way, they will […]


CallShare: Take Notes While You Are Talking On The Phone

Taking notes in the middle of a call has never been easier. There are times when you make appointments but you forget to write it down later or when you want to take a note but you lack a paper or a pen/pencil and start scrambling your table to find one leaving a mess behind. CallShare tweak simply solves this problem tapping on the contact name or number and jot down your notes.


bAnimated: Animate Your Badges Notifications

bAnimation adds an extra feature to your badges notification and that is animation. This tweak animates your notification on your homescreen. This tweak comes with 24 different animation that you can chose to add some life to those boring, still notification badges. The animation applies the effect to every single app that have a notification badge.


CameraTweak 2: Supercharge Your Stock Camera

iOS devices are dubbed as smartphone that has the best camera installed and the best way to take picture is through the stock camera application. However, the stock camera lacks many features which prohibits photographer to use there iDevice as a main tool of photography. The basic features that exist within the stock camera suffice the beginner nonetheless. Due to its accessibility and integration in the iOS, many users prefer to use the stock camera rather than the third-party camera app that have additional features installed in it.


Play and Win Money Using Casino Games On iPhone Using 888Casino

Do you enjoy playing online casino games? 888Casino have made it possible to play many different types of casino games on your iOS devices now. Players can chooser from several different casino games such as slots, cards, bingo, poker, and more. It’s now possible to win while you take the commuter train to work or across town as you can see below.


RocketLauncher: Launch Your Apps Directly From LockScreen

Lockscreen tweaks have always been popular, like JellyLock which I personally enjoy using it. RocketLauncher is a latest addition to your lockscreen. It simple allows you to launch your apps from the lockscreen by displaying the 7 apps from the app switcher.


NoCameraFlash: Disables Your Camera Flash

It is true there is an option in the camera app where the flash can be disable or enabled. However, users sometimes forget to switch it off when they try to take a picture secretly and sometime when you want to take a picture and the flash goes off because they forgot to turn it on therefore ruining the fun of taking pictures.


PassDial Pro: Call Your Favorites Contact From Lockscreen

Calling and Facetiming has never been easier. This tweak adds a speed dial like functionality to the lock screen. This tweak named “PassDial Pro” is developed by Sassoty and allows you to add a contact to a speed dial by assigning a 4 digit passcode.


QuickShare for Action Menu: Share Anything On Your Social Networking Account With Ease

If you are person who constantly post photos, text, etc. on your Social Networking account, then this tweak should definitely be downloaded. Quickshare makes your posting much more easier. Rather than logging in your Facebook account for example to post a photo, you can directly post it on your Facebook via the camera roll .

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.34.17 AM

Apple Rumored Working On Jumbo-Sized ‘iPhone’ Models

Recent rumours suggest that Apple is working on the release of two larger iPhone models, which could hit the shelves later this year. Further details, published in Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, suggest that the two 4.7” and 5.6” models may not be marketed under the existing iPhone brand, but rather be released under a new name.