Apple In Talks With Retailers Over Mobile Payments Service

A recent report from 9to5Mac suggests the Apple is in talks with retail store directors over the possibility of a mobile payments service.


Photos Of The Alleged iPhone 6 Back Cover Leaks

The physical design of the mockup closely resembles the previous rumors except that it’s covered with a thin green film. As can be seen, the photo also shows the antenna breaks near…

Touch ID

Touch ID on Future Apple Devices is a Possibility

New Apple devices are expected to include a new technology that will tighten the level of security on iPhone and iPad devices according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a noted KGI Securities analyst. Based on his findings, Apple will be embedding their Touch ID on every non-iPod iOS device that will be launched throughout the year. This […]

Oleg Pliss

Apple: “Oleg Pliss Attack through Individual User Account”

Last night, we reported about Mac and iOS users who awoke to discover that their devices have been remotely locked by hackers claiming to have gained access through the device owner’s Find My iPhone account. In exchange of reinstating the owner’s account, the hacker demanded a ransom for himself. Apple has responded to the issue […]

Apple Passcode

How to Avoid Hackers Like Oleg Pliss from Gaining Remote Access to Your Device

Yesterday, we reported about the issue several Australian Mac and iOS users dealt with on their devices. Referring to the hack created by a certain Oleg Pliss, there is a rising concern over how safe our iCloud accounts are. If you are worried about the safety of your account and how you can avoid getting […]


MessageHeads Cydia Tweak: User ChatHeads in iOS For Messaging

MessageHeads Cydia Tweak is available in BigBoss Repo for $2.49. Users will be able to open chat heads anywhere in iOS as opposed to the Facebook chathead. The MessageHeads look and work pretty much the same as Facebook chatheads without the limitations of only that one application.

Mac ARM Processor

Is Apple Exploring on ARM Based Mac Products?

Over the weekend, there have been a number of rumors that have emerged about Apple products. Considering the WWDC 2014 is just a few days away, it is only natural for people to start entertaining rumors and believe some of them. One of the latest reports that have emerged over the weekend has something to […]

Slotomania iOS app

5 Best Slot Machine Games for iOS Devices

Slot machine games are rampant among iOS users. If you’re looking for a game to play, here are 5 of the best ones available on the App Store.

Apple Smart Home

Rumor: Apple Smart Home Platform to be Unveiled in WWDC 2014?

With all the excitement on the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014, a set of rumors also come along with it. And considering the much awaited event is launching in a week’s time, there are plenty of speculations about what Apple will be announcing on their keynote presentation. Among the speculations involved on Apple’s presentation […]

Device Hacked by Oleg Pliss

Australian Apple Devices Hacked by Oleg Pliss

  What will you do if you wake up one morning to discover that you have just been locked out of your Apple iCloud connected devices? Well, for a number of Australian users, this is what shocked them earlier today.These users awoke to discover that their Apple devices (phones, tablets, desktops and laptops) all appear […]

Apple SSL Certificate Error

Mac OS X Software Update Error Due to Apple SSL Certificate Expiration

If you’ve recently been trying to update your MacBook’s OS X software and you’ve encountered an error, it has something to do with Apple’s SSL certificate expiry. The Apple SSL Certificate is considered as an essential part of verifying and authenticating the connections to Apple’s Mac App Store software update servers. Unfortunately, this has recently […]


FaceTune iOS App Review

Despite the number of photo editing apps available on the App Store, there still seems to be a hunt for the best one. Thus, the result of this hunt is the continuous release of a new app that promises to be the next best thing in the industry of photo editing apps. For some people, […]

Apple VS Samsung

Apple Pushes Ban Against Sale of Samsung Devices

It seems like the feud between Apple and Samsung is far from over, with recent developments turning to Apple seeking a permanent injunction against the infringement of its patents on any Samsung device. This patent infringement case includes devices which were highlighted on the latest court case, as well as “software or code capable of […]