cirqle ios app

Cirqle iOS app

When it comes to using social sharing websites, it always calls for being a relevant user.  In Facebook, you need to get your friends to like your posts so you can get more engagement with them.  On photography apps, the concept is pretty much the same.  You will need to post interesting items so you […]

Apple Pay

Is Apple Working on a Loyalty Rewards Program for Apple Pay?

This year, Apple has introduced a number of new products and features available on their devices.  But if there’s one thing that promises to be a revolutionary product, it would definitely be Apple Pay.  Just recently, we reported that the service will be used on two MLB stadiums.  Along with this, there are already a […]

Apple Maps

Apple’s New Service Allows Small Businesses to be Listed on Apple Maps, Offers Indoor Mapping Too

For businesses, getting listed online is an important way they can drive people to find their business.  With the number of directory websites available, it is almost impossible for the business to be found online.  But because there are small and start-up businesses, having their customers find them online can be a big help to […]


How To Install Cydia After iOS 8 & iOS 8.1 Pangu Jailbreak

After you have your iOS 8 device jailbroken you are only halfway there. Now you must get Cydia installed in order to install tweaks, themes, and such from Cydia store.


How To Jailbreak iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 Using Pangu Jailbreak

Today Pangu Team released a jailbreak for all devices running iOS 8 or iOS 8.1. However, earlier this morning it wasn’t possible to install Cydia with this jailbreak

iOS 8 jailbreak

Curious About iOS 8-8.1 Jailbreak? Watch and Understand

I’m sure many are confused why they can’t “jailbreak” their new iPhone 6 or other iOS 8 device, if there was an iOS 8 jailbreak released today.


Pangu Releases iOS 8-8.1 Jailbreak

We’ve got some Jailbreak news for many of you. We now have a Jailbreak for iOS 8-iOS 8.1. Don’t Shit your pants just yet!!!! This Jailbreak the way it is now is useless for normal users

Yosemite OS X Spotlight

How To Use Spotlight in Yosemite OS X

Apple introduced many great new features in Yosemite OS X. One of the most used features inside OS X is Spotlight. Yosemite has added some great new features to Spotlight. This will help you know just what Spotlight is capable of doing. Just in case you aren’t aware what Spotlight is, its the small magnifying glass in top right corner.

quickmusic tweak

QuickMusic Called Music Cydia Tweak of The Year 2014

QuickMusic is definitely one of the best tweaks we have had for quite some time. On top of that its a music tweak so thats double awesome. Developer Gabriele Filipponni has definitely hit a home run with QuickMusic.

lockspeed cydia tweak

LockSpeed Jailbreak Tweak Which Adds Contacts On Lockscreen

LockSpeed Jailbreak Tweak allows users to add up to nine of their Favorite Contacts on the lockscreen. LockSpeed is available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99.


How to Send and Receive SMS Text Messages in Yosemite OS X 10.10

Apple released iOS 8.1 on Monday, October 20, 2014. Users will now be able to send and receive SMS Text messages from iPhone to Mac running Yosemite OS X. This is part of Apple’s Continuity package which they showed off when first showing Yosemite OS X to the public. It allows users to send, receive, and, reply to SMS messages directly from their Mac.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.11.51 PM

Word Fit Puzzle: An Ingenous Puzzle Game For The iOS

Word Fit Puzzle is a game designed for iPad and iPhone which seeks to provide players with a new kind of challenge.  Users are provided with an empty grid of columns and a list of words, the objective being to fit all words within the available columns without letting any of them out. Features: * […]

Copy & Paste Clipboard Widget iOS app

Copy and Paste Clipboard Widget iOS app

Having troubles with your copy-paste feature on iOS 8? Copy and Paste Clipboard Widget iOS app is here!