Create Unlimited Number of Emails At Once in iOS 8

We all know iOS 8 brought many great features but I a m still finding new ones months later. I was a beta tester so I have had iOS 8 quite awhile. Thats why I’m excited to share this new mail app trick I just learned. If you are like me sometimes you need to read or create more than one email at a time

Angry Birds Transformers iOS Game

Angry Birds Transformers iOS Game

If there’s one iOS game that can be regarded as the single most successful franchise, there is no doubt that it would be awarded to Angry Birds. And to be honest, the developers of the iOS game truly know the addictive genius they have created. This led them to create more games under the Angry […]

One Handed Keyboard iOS app

One Handed Keyboard iOS app

You can now go back to one hand typing on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus device thanks to One Handed Keyboard iOS app. Read more here.

free apps

Top Free iOS Apps or Games of The Week October 16, 2014

We share these post every Thursday afternoon. That’s the day Apple releases all thew new Applications so we look through them to find the best Free each week so you may find them here every week. Be sure to bookmark the site.

apple event 2014 recap

Apple Event October 2014 Video Highlights Recap

Many of you probably didn’t have the time to site half the day watching the Apple Event.  The good news is you can still get caught up on all the latest updates with this one post.  We have put together a video which highlights all the major releases and updates Apple announced today during their event.


Apple Updates Smart Covers and Smart Cases for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

After a rather sad introduction to the new iPad mini 3, Apple never mentioned they updated it’s Smart Covers and Smart Cases for the new generation iPads. The Smart Covers are made of polyurethane and come in seven vibrant colors.  Smart Cases, on the other hand are made out of leather and are made of […]


iWork Updated For Yosemite

After a long day, Apple quietly updated their iWork suite for OS X Yosemite.  Though it looks like a design change than anything else.  Nonetheless the apps were updated, and they look great with the new design language in Yosemite. Not to mention, the apps have fresh new icons as well. OS X Yosemite was […]

sim card ipad

Apple Adds its own SIM card with Cellular iPad Air 2

Users have always been locked into a contract when using a SIM card on the iPad. However, that has changed with the release of the new iPad Air 2 tomorrow. The new iPad Air 2 is set to release tomorrow with a new Apple SIM card. This will allow the users to switch carriers anytime they wish.


Apple Pay Will Be Available Monday

One of the major features specific to the new iPhones is Apple Pay.  Apple Pay takes advantage of the built in NFC chip on the new devices to make non-physical purchases.  In addition to in-store purchases, Apple Pay will be available online through third-party apps.  This method of Apple Pay will be available on the […]

imac $2499

Retina iMac now available for purchase Plus iPad Price Changes

The Retina iMac with 5K display is now available in the Apple store. After the Apple store went off line for a brief time it has now returned with several new products including the iMac 5K. Consumers will be terribly excited to get their hands on this new iMAC BUT THE PRICE will definitely have some let down.


iOS 8.1 Will Be Available Monday

Apple is on a roll today.  Though the keynote wasn’t as exciting as we thought it’d be, they covered a lot.  The smallest and least exciting piece of news that was announced today was iOS 8.1.  iOS 8.1 was in development for less than a month, and includes a ton of bug fixes and includes […]

mac mini

Apple Lowers Price of Mac Mini to $499

Apple has just announced the release of the new MAC MINI FOR only $499. This makes Mac software and hardware so much more affordable for consumers. That’s one of the biggest obstacles consumers must overcome to enjoy Mac’s is the price.


Apple announces OS X Yosemite available Now for Free

After previewing OS X Yosemite for the second time at WWDC event, Apple announced today that OS X 10.1o Yosemite will be available today through the Mac store