AppHeads Cydia Tweak Adds Chatheads For Multitasking iOS 8

AppHeads is a Cydia Tweak which allows users to multitask much faster using ChatHeads. AppHeads allows users to interact inside the pop up preview without completely opening apps full screen. Users can send a Tweet, update Facebook, check email, messages, and much more. Check it out I’m sertain you will enjoy AppHeads.


RIP iPhone 5C? Apple May Discontinue iPhone 5c in 2015

Apple’s iPhone 5C was the company’s first foray into the world of colorful, plastic phones. Since its release,  another iPhone launch has come and gone without mention of Apple’s little experiment. While many thought Apple might continue the 5C line,  it seems that is unlikely.  A new report from Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times says […]

Payanywhere iOS App

PayAnywhere: The iOS App Designed For Merchants

PayAnywhere is a iOS app designed for merchants who want to accept credit card payments at anytime. The app is designed to work with all MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards via an additional card reader, which can also be contracted free of charge.

Boto Pink Dolphin

Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 for iPhone – An App that Mixes Education and Gaming

Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 for iPhone is the name of their app, and it serves the purpose of both an educational tool and an entertainment platform. It was created for the Apple mobile devices, and can be found and downloaded on the iTunes service.

watchboard cydia tweak

WatchBoard Cydia Tweak Adds Apple Watch UI On iOS 8 Devices

Watchboard is a complete homescreen replacement with Apple Watch UI. It allows users to interact with the apps on the screen just the same. Check it out in BigBoss for $3.99. It was created by same developer as Barrel, Aaron Ash.

Pyx Cydia Tweak

Pyx Cydia Tweak Adds Animations For iOS 8 App Switcher

Pyx is the latest Jailbreak tweak by Bradley Friedman (S1ReX). It adds amazing animations to your iOS 8 devices Multitask App Switcher. Users can choose from ten different animations. These animations can be changed on the fly without respringing the device. Grab a copy today in BigBoss Repo for only $0.99.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.17.09 AM

Defense 39 – An Exciting Historical Action Gaming App

There is no doubt that the Second World War was the most important moment in modern history. This conflict saw biggest super powers of the world pitted against one another, and produced destruction on a scale that was never seen before.

black friday

Proceeds from Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale to be Donated by Apple to Global Fund to Fight AIDS

Black Friday is only a few days away and it has already got everyone excited.  Not only are the stores getting busy preparing for their big Black Friday sale but shoppers are also on the verge of filling out their wish lists.  Since everyone already knows what Black Friday means, it’s no longer a surprise […]


Next Glass iOS App

Can’t figure out what wine or beer to try next? Check out Next Glass iOS app. Read more about it here.


Horse racing fans have never had it so good

If you’re a big fan of both horse racing and the iPhone in your pocket – how do you make the most of these two loves in your life?

iPhone 6 Plus Space Gray Running iOS 8

What’s on my iPhone 6 [Pangu8 Edition]

The iPhone 6 is a pretty interesting device.  For years Apple has stuck with small baby-like steps in terms of updating its iPhones.  The iPhone 6, on the other hand, is said to be the biggest change to iPhone since its existent.  And it’s clear why.  In today’s video I’ll be walking through 15 of […]


FastFeed: The App Which Expands iOS Social Connectivity

FastFeed app allows owners of devices such as iPhone and iPad to instantly access their favorite news feed from social sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Linkin Park recharge

Linkin Park Recharge – Wastelands iOS App

Linkin Park has returned—not to the music scene but to the iOS app industry.  After games such as ‘Linkin Park GT’, ‘8-Bit Rebellion’ and ‘LP’s Tap Tap Revenge,’ the band is back with a fourth game entitled Linkin Park Recharge – Wastelands iOS app.  While the game was first launched as a Facebook Beta Game, […]