OZAKI Receives Red Dot Award

Company: OZAKI

Website: www.ozakiverse.com


OZAKI’s great new products are proven by Red dot product design award 2012.


OZAKI launches bunches of proud products every year. This significant year, 2012, OZAKI also prepared brand new iPad and iPhone accessories, and the best part is you don’t need spend time to examine how great OZAKI new products are for the juries of Red dot award 2012 have already done that for you.


iCoat Slim-Y, the smartest iPad case redefines the market. It can fit all your usage purpose and also offer completely protection. OZAKI iCoat Slim-Y can not only do all smart cover does but more stable in every using angle and protective. Choose iCoat Slim-Y to enhance the usability of your new iPad.



Can’t find a great iPhone 4S case yet? The OZAKI iCoat Finger is the first iPhone 4S case that are perfectly integrate stylus in complete protection. For its great design you might not notice there’s a stylus hiding in it. If you ever encountered difficulties in tying emails or taping right object when web surfing, iCoat Finger is here for you!


OZAKI O!care, the easiest access IP camera for iPhone, iPad , and iPod tiuch in the world. O!care transfers complex setting up procedure into single taps, and achieves to turn IP CAM into your interior design! You can now treasure your treasure anytime where has carrier signal through the O!Care system.



OZAKI keeps innovative spirit to “Turn your tools into toys.” Therefore, you will always be surprised and said: “WOW, what a clever thought.” This year we are awarded 3 red dot product design award, and it is just a start. OZAKI will always brings a bunch of fascinating products and strike your fancy.