Ozaki iCoat Stroke

How many times have you needed a way to write on your idevice screen?  Many times your finger will not be precise enough.  I have personally had this experience more than I care to remember.  The iCoat Stroke by Ozaki remedies this problem with “styli”.  (Pun intended)  The iCoat is a case for thew stylus lover or anyone who want to have their stylus close by at all times.  The iCoat stroke case is very well made and provides great protection as well as a convenient place to keep your stylus.

The iCoat Stroke can be used with either the iphone 4/4S, SM & CDMA models both.  It’s a great way to draw, take notes, or just make more precise selections on the iphone screen.  It’s very easy to tap the wrong selection with the tip of your finger.  The iCoat gives the user more control over which selections are being made.

I have been using the iCoat stroke for a couple weeks and love it.  If you are tired of writing with your finger and want more control of your screen, the iCoat Stroke case is the answer.  The iCoat Stroke can be purchased at www.ozakiverse.com.