Ozaki icarry-Excavator Stand

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an iPad stand we could use while the iPad was inside it’s case?  I have seen several nice stands but only worked without the iPad inside a case.  I don’t know about you but I prefer to protect my $700 investment by carrying it inside a case.  I am glad to finally find a stand which can be  used with an iPad inside it’s case.
The iCarry-Excavator desktop stand by OzakiVerse is one awesome stand.  This stand is the MacGyver of iPad stands.  I have used and reviewed over two hundred iPad accessories so I feel educated about the topic.  The iCarry-Excavator stand by Ozaki covers every aspect of iPad stand usability.  They really thought this one through thoroughly.  The ICarry-Excavator stand can be used with the iPad to draw, game, and anything else you may want to do.  If you want to draw, game, watch movies, type, or just have it on your office desk it’s all possible with the iCarry-Excavator stand.  The only thing the iCarry stand doesn’t do is make coffee.

The iCarry-Excavator desktop stand is  a portable multi-angle, adjustable stand for fitting almost any type case you may have on the iPad.  The Ozaki company is really doing a great job meeting the needs of the customers using iOS accessories.
Adjustable display height
Adjustable tilt angle
Full access to all controls
Adjustable stand for horizontal or vertical gaming and typing
Comfortable viewing angles for watching and reading
Conveniently portable
Designed to be used with an iPad case

The iCarry stand can be purchased at www.ozakiverse.com for $129.  This is the most useable stand on the market for the iPad.  It can be used with any of the ipads.  Feel free to leave any comments below.