Otterbox Defender iPhone 4S

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The Otterbox Defender Series for the iPhone 4S is a tank for a case.  What does that mean?  If you want full protection for the iPhone 4S, the Defender will do the job.  They offer a Defender for ipod and ipad too.  It does a super job protecting the iPad and ipod as well.  So if you have a younger child or you’re just a little clumsy, the Defender will protect the device in any situation.  It completely protects the screen and body.  Its 100% covered for protection.



Hi impact polycarbonate (against dropping)

Full Screen protector

Charging Port and button covers

Belt clip holster/media stand


The Defender series is an awesome case for anyone who needs a case prepared for ruggedness.  The Defender series can protect in almost any situation up to being ran over by a car.  Purchase an Otterbox Defender today at  The Defender series sells for around $30 on Amazon up to $50 on the Otterbox site.  They offer several different colors black, white, pink, camo, orange, and many other combinations.