New Siri Alternative For iPad 2,iPhone 3G, and others Called SARA

Sara is a new Cydia a tweak released to allow users the same features as Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, which was recently released on the iPhone 4S.  Although the application works fairly well most the time. I did find several times it yielded incorect answers. Before downloading you must first install the following repo  This will allow the user to download the application.


Sara is some what similar to Siri, Apples digital assistant. However, I have found Sara makes mistakes pretty often. This probably will be worked out and get better as time progresses. But as we all now know Siri does not always understand what we are saying and provide the most accurate answers.  So it will be fun to see which app can be the better.


Please leave a comment below telling me how you enjoyed using Sara.


Add this Repo to download Sara


    it works very well just has a problom workig with some apps like (make me a text) it replys  make me a sammitch!!!
    i would also like to see this as a (voice control) not an app  it needs work but i do see alot of potentiol
    heres my email for any info or anything
    or if theirs a way to make this do what im asking thank u

    • just stay close to for updates.  Thanks for stopping by

  • 3squirrelsrock

    I tried it but have since uninstalled it.  The last straw was when she told me that I didn’t know anything because I was a robot.  An argument ensued but I got the last word in when I clicked confirm.