Multi AudioBook Player

  Multi Audiobook Player by Gamopolis for the iPhone or iPod provides an extensive features list for audio book lovers.  This isn’t just a typical music player.  It offers many things for audio book lovers.  Such as easy to use, displays Album/Book cover art, sleep timer, listen to multiple books without losing your place, and much more.

It’s great for listening to podcast.  It seems like many more people are listening to podcast in iTunes now days.  The Multi AudioBook Player supports large and long files for using with features such as ITunes University, podcast, and audiobooks.  The developer of Multi AudioBook Player, Gamopolis have developed several well-known apps in the iTunes stores.  They offer several apps for working out and exercising.

The interface for Multi Audiobook is very clean and user friendly.  It’s very simple to add books to your library and edit the library however you wish.   The sleep timer has an icon in the corner for setting from one minute to ninety minutes before discontinuing playback.  The graphics for the album and book art is very well created and laid out.  It shows the length oh each book or podcast in the library.  It has several features for playback for example, sleep at end of each chapter, skip instead of fast seek, volume button skips, and more.  The app plays and sounds well through the iPhone speakers and earphones both.  The volume level was easily controlled and easy to hear when playing back through iPhone audio speakers.  I have had apps before which had terrible volume levels through the iPhone speakers but sounded fair through a deadest.  That’s not the case with Multi Audiobooks Player at all.

Overall, if you are in the market for an audiobook player, the Multi Audiobook Player is an awesome asset for any individual wishing to play podcast, audiobooks, and more.  The Multi Audiobook Player can be purchased in iTunes for $0.99.  Click here to download now.