MagicBadges: Allow You To Modify Your App Badges

MagicBadges is a recently released tweak that adds some content to the app badges. It allows the users to customize the look of the app badges when there is a notification pending. Whereas ColorBadges changes the color of the app badges to their respective icon color, MagicBadges allows you to re-size, re-position and even theme the app badges.



With this tweak installed, users can change the app badges to suit their needs and make it look different from others. This tweak will add a preference pane to the settings menu where you can customize every aspect of the app badges. In the preference pane, there is a respring button (have to respring it every time changes are made), a toggle for enabling/disabling the tweak and a “General” tab.

The “General” tab is where all the modifications are made. You can change the color of the app badges based on 3 options:

  1. Original: you can choose to keep the original color of the app badges i.e. Red color
  2. Based on icon: will change the color of the badges to that of the app icon color (same as ColorBadge tweak)
  3. Custom Color: 3 sliders will appear which allows you to customize the color as you want

If you don’t want to change the color and want it to be transparent, there is a transparent slider that allows you to adjust the transparency of the app badges.

Another features of MagicBadges is you can choose to change the image of the app badges which is currently set as a round figure.

MagicBadges Shapes


Some of these images look convenient, some look amazing and some are really absurd. If you can’t find an image that really fits the theme or icons, you have the extra ability to add your own image. To do this, you need to have iFile installed on your iDevice and navigate to /Library/Application Support/MagicBadges and add your image. Your image dimension should be 50×50 and in .png format.

The last feature this tweak offers is that you can re-size and re-position the app badges. In the “General” tab, on the icon tap and hold as to drag the app badge and change the position. To re-size it you need to pinch it to zoom in or out.

MagicBadges provides you with lots of modification feature where you can completely change the look and design of your app badges. If you want to give it a try, it is available on Cydia for free. It support iOS 7 on all device except for iPad. The iPad version will be coming in the future so stay tuned.

Here is our short video tutorial on MagicBagdes: