Logitech Solar Bluetooth iPad Keyboard: Throw Away The Batteries/Chargers

Are you tired of recharging your tablet keyboard?  Logitech has eliminated the need for electricity or batteries.  Now all we nee is Apple to follow what they have done. The Logitech Solar Bluetooth iPad keyboard offers all day use with six hours light to charge and when fully charged can be used two years even in total darkness.  That’s correct, you can use the keyboard all day by allowing it to stay in the light, either inside or outside, to charge completely.

The Logitech Solar Bluetooth iPad Keyboard can be used with either the iPad 2 or iPad 3 generations.  It offers access to the camera and all ports should you need to plugin a mic or other device.  There’s no need to charge the keyboard itself because it runs on solar power.  This is an awesome improvement for all technology.  Hopefully more companies will get on board the solar facet and we can eliminate chargers and electricity for all our gadgets and computers.

The Logitech solar keyboard offers fourteen function keys across the top row of the keyboard for things such as searching, home, volume control, video control, and more.  The iPad can be positioned two different ways.  It can be used in the upright position for typing and other jobs.  The second position allows the ipad to tilt back around 150 degrees.  The awesome part about this is the front row of keys can be used to start a video, photo display control, volume control, and more.  This is a feature other keyboards have never offered.  This makes the iPad much easier to control while in this position.

The Logitech Solar Keyboard offers great protection for the iPad while inside the case.  The case is made from a very soft leather like substance.  It protects the ipad completely when closed.  The iPad is totally protected against any scratches while inside a backpack or any transportation. It offers the magnetic sleep control for turning the iPad off while closed and wakes when the iPad is opened too.

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The Logitech solar keyboard retails for $179 but can be found a little cheaper on sights such as Amazon.  The link here will take you to the best prices I could find at the writing of this article.  Feel free to leave a comment below. Watch the video review below.

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