Logitech Announces Solar Powered Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Logitech has announced the release of an environmentally friendly solar powered ipad Bluetooth keyboard.  According to Logitech once the ipad is charged with the help of any light source users can expect to type two hours a day for two years.  Now that’s what I call longer lasting power.  I really don’t see how any device can provide this type of battery power but I’m not suppose to I don’t guess.

The case looks pretty much just as the Bluetooth keyboard Logitech makes now.  I have used the Bluetooth keyboard case they have now.  It’s a great keyboard.  So if they make the case like the previous model only solar powered I think it will be a great keyboard.  Preorder is available here for $129.99

What do you think about this keyboard?  Are you going to purchase the new Logitech solar powered keyboard?
[image credit:Logitech]