LapDawg Stands

The LapDawg X4 and Pug stands are awesome laptop stands which can offer the user multiple positions for finding the comfort zone whether in bed or any place else.  Both stands do a great job holding and keeping the laptop steady and safe while using them in many different positions or locations.  However, the stand are made primarily to be used while lying in bed.  The pug is my personal favorite due to the facet it has the fan built in for keeping the laptop running cooler.  It also has a more stable platform for supporting the laptop.  The LapDawg X4 offers many more positions compared to the Pug.  The Pug is more of a static stand where as the LapDawg is more moveable and versatile.  Both stands are superb for offering comfortable laptop use in bed.  the Pug includes a usb fan, built in drink holder, and mouse pads and both left and right sides of the stand.  Some may consider this review biased  but I can assure you I have used both stands around the same length of time and given both opportunities.

LapDawg X4 Pros:
different positions
moveable platform
can be used both on desk or bed
considerable height for using in a chair
can be used as monitor stand

LapDawg X4 Cons:
hard to set up
joints hard to configure
must use both hands to adjust platform
bumper blocks port access on front
slightly flimsy or wobbly to trust with $2000 laptop

Pug Pros:
USB-powered fan for cooling laptop
cup holder
mousepad on both sides
very steady
resonable price
nice size platform
storage under platform

Pug Cons:
can only be used in bed or lap
short legs

Both stands perform as advertised but for my personal use I prefer the Pug.  It just did a better job performing and meeting my needs for a stand which can be used in bed, on couch, or any other location.  If you would like to purchase either stand visit  The Pug sells for $60 and the X4 sells for $90 plus shipping.