Kicker Headphones

Kickers over ear headphones are great headphones. They are compatible with Apple’s line of products. These are one of the finest and best headphones I have ever listened to through my ipad 2 and iphone 4. They have a massive amount of bass. I listen to many different types of music. I didn’t find any type of music to not have the best sound while using these headphones. If you want to find a headphone that can deliver a superb sound look no farther. I have to give credit where credit is due. These headphones are awesome. I have always considered Kicker to have top of the line audio equipment. I have found my next favorite over the ear headphones. They are extremely light and comfortable.
Kicker includes many things with the headphones. They have the three different cables included in the box. These headphones can be used in almost any hook up. They come with an approximately eleven foot 3.5 mm studio-grade cable for using in home or studio settings. You could walk all around a room with this cable length. If you are going to use your ipad or iphone they have approximately four feet of cable with microphone and multifunction button. The cable is extremely light weight for walking or any other activity you may need to carry your idevice while using the headphones. If you don’t need the inline microphone they have included a reinforced with Kevlar cable. I personally enjoy using the inline microphone and multi-function button cable for my use. I made and received calls while using these headphones without any problems. They do a terrific job fading the music when you get a phone call and when you hang up the music fades back. I really like that feature for making and receiving calls. While using the headphones makes using the phone more private. The people around cannot hear what the person you’re talking to says. They can only hear what you say; I found this privacy to be very helpful. The multifunction button allows the user to stop, start, skip, and rewind to other songs. Also included is a ¼’’ stereo adapter for using with home stereo audio equipment or any product that will use the ¼’’ connector. They also include a soft carrying bag to store the headphones.
• Awesome sound quality
• Includes three different cables
• Includes ¼ ‘’ stereo connector
• Carrying Bag
• Lightweight
• Inline mic and multifunction button
• iPhone, iPad, and iPod Compatible

• Can be hard to get over the head. Due to flipping around
• Headphones don’t lock in place.
• No hard shell case for protecting headphones

Overall, I think these are one of the best headphones I have used since I started using my iPhone or iPad. On the 1-10 scale I would give them a 9. The only reason for that is I thought they should have made a way for the headphones to lock in place. The only other suggestion I could make would be to add a hard shell case for protection. I think most people will agree if you spend $149 for a product there should and needs to be a way to protect it. I would definitely recommend these to a friend or enemy. LOL If you want to purchase your own pair visit You’ll be glad you invested to purchase these. Let me know what you think in the comments.