iOSOpenDev: Learn to Build Jailbreak Tweaks

If you enjoy developing applications in iOS or want to learn iOSOpenDev help create jailbreak tweaks. It enables the developer to create jailbreak-type tweaks much easier. It has templates and is open source. iOSOpenDev is a form of SDK for building jailbreak style tweaks much easier. At this time it is only a Mac application. This should come as no surprise because SDK works on the Mac only too. The application creates files which can be submitted straight into Cydia. It makes adding or building notification center tweaks or SBSettings toggles much simpler. So if you are looking to learn developing iOSOpenDev is making it much easier. I really hope they soon allow the whole SDK language to run on windows. I have wanted to learn app development myself and thats been an obstacle for me when I first started years ago.

Download iOSOpenev 1.0.1

To complete a project using iOSOpenDev, you first need to do some initial setup, Build and deploy the apps to the device and then package it and release and submit it to cydia. Here are details for each steps provided by the developer.

Setup iOSOpenDev:

  1. Download and install MacPorts—
  2. Install dpkg—In Terminal, run: sudo port -f install dpkg
  3. Log out and back in (maybe even a reboot)
  4. Download and install iOSOpenDev
  5. Add SSH authentication to device—In Terminal, run: iosod sshkey -h hostNameORIPAddressOfDevice
  6. Edit ~/.bash_profile and add hostname or IP address of device to iOSOpenDevDevice’s export statement

“Build & Deploy” to Device

  1. Start a new project using an iOSOpenDev template
  2. Go to TARGETS > Build Setttings, go to bottom to User-Defined settings
  • iOSOpenDevDevice: hostname or IP address of device
  • iOSOpenDevInstallOnProfiling: YES
  • iOSOpenDevRespringOnInstall: YES (if needed, i.e. tweak, AE extension, NC widget, etc)
  1. Write the code—duh.
  2. Perform a “Build For Profiling” by pressing Command-Shift-I or Product > Build For > Build For Profiling
  • This will build and “sign” the executable, build the Debian package and install the package on the device

Build Package for Release

  1. Go to Product > Archive (ignore Organizer window that shows)
  2. Go to the project’s directory and into the Packages directory