iOS YouTube updated – Supports iPhone 5 and iPad

Google announced on YouTube blog that a new YouTube app update was released on App Store . This new update adds support for iPhone 5 which means that you can now view your favorite video right on your iPhone’s bigger screen and adds airplay support so basically you can now stream YouTube videos on your Apple TV and enjoy watching them while sitting on your crouch .

Another major update is the support for iPad . You can now search and watch YouTube videos on your iPad’s big and retina display . Take a look at the screenshots below to see the beatiful YouTube interface .

How it looks on iPhone 5!

And on iPad! Its just Gorgeous!

Google reported that mobile devices account to 25% of YouTube watched videos . They also stated that the YouTube app which hit the iTunes App Store ever since Apple removed YouTube from iOS 6 made them the number 1 free app in app store for 2 months . Good Job Google!

Download YouTube from Itunes App Store

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