iOS 6 Jailbreak Using RedSnow For iPodTouch 4th Gen. and iPhone 4

iOS 6 Jailbreak Using RedSnow

This will only work on these devices, iPhone 4 and iPodTouch 4th Gen.

Download Redsnow 0.9.14Dev4 Mac/Win

  1. Download and open Redsn0w 09.14Dev4.
  2. Click “Extras” – “Select iPSW” – Then located the GM
  3. Click “Back”, then “Jailbreak”
  4. Make Sure “Install SSH” then click “next”
  5. Connect Device using USB and put into DFU mode
  6. Jailbreak device Now Boot tethered
  7. Open Redsn0w again click “Extras” – “Just Boot”
  8. Wait for your device to boot up and it should be jailbroken (Cydia will not appear)

It’s very important to remember steps 7 and 8.  These steps must be completeed each time the device is powered off or battery runs out.  This is referred to as a Tethered Jailbreak.  Hope you Enjoy.

Installing Cydia

Step 1: Open Settings > Wi-Fi > and click the blue arrow next to your connected Wi-Fi router. Find the IP address of the Wi-Fi connection currently. In my example, my IP is

Step 2: On a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network, open the Terminal app.

Step 3: In terminal type: ssh root@  (be sure to change the IP address to match your iOS device’s IP)

Step 4: Once you have connected to the device, type or paste this command into Terminal.  Exactly as it appears:  DO NOT COPY QUOTES

“ wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/ “


After you enter code your finished. Let the Debs load and finish installing. Hope you enjoy.


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