This is Tethered Jailbreak……

Get Tethered Jailbreak Here

Before Starting Please Backup iDevice in iTunes and run PCKG Backup for Cydia.  If you have Package Backup, if you don’t I strongly suggest you get it.  It will save you a lot of problems.  Trust me.

Step 1: Download The following Files

  • iTunes 10.5 Windows Here/Mac Here
  • IOS 5 for your device here
  • RedSn0w  0.9.9b7 here(Check for most recent version)

Make Sure device is connected.

Step 2:

Open RedSnow, Click on Jailbreak

Follow on Screen Instructions to put device into DFU mode.  If you need help with getting idevice into DFU mode Click HERE

Putting the device into DFU mode will allow RedSnow to continue its process.

This allows RedSnow to determine your device and version.

Step 3:

click on “Install Cydia”

After all the downloading occurs and the pineapple comes across the screen the device will reboot.  Once the device reboots Cydia will be available.


Open RedSn0w, hit EXTRAS, THEN “JUST BOOT!!!!!”.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  Each time you Reboot your idevice you must follow these steps to get device to run Cydia.


  • Sir, Im really new in this thing and im so confused because i dont know what to do. Just got my Ipad2 and its my first apple in my life so I kinda dont know how to do. and when my friend told me that I should jailbreak my Ipad for me to have freedom in Downloading some apps.. sir,  what should i do first? do I need to have cydia first before i process my Ipad in jailbreaking or what? 

    • Yes, you must download Absinthe. Follow the tutorial on my site at Plus subscribe to my YouTube channel. Let me know how it goes. It’s very simple

  • hope you hit my comment back..thank you sir!