iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Guide


UnTethered Jailbreak Using Absinthe

RedSnow Jailbreak – Works for iPod Touch 4th gen., iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPhone 3G,3GS.  This WILL  work for iPhone 4s or iPad 2(A5 Processors)-Updated


Tethered Jailbreak Only!!!!

Step 1. Download RedSnow 0.910b6 and run Mac or Windows Version.

Step 2: Put device into DFU mode(when device is in DFU mode the screen will be completely black.)

Step 3. Click Jailbreak on RedSnow window. It will walk you through the process.  Make sure you check install Cydia.

Step 4. You will see lots of code scrolling throughout the screen.  This is normal and what should be happening.  Just be patient.  This will take a few minutes. The device will reboot and you will have a blank white cydia icon on your springboard.  The cydia icon will not function at this time.

Step 5. You must place your device back in to DFU mode again.  Once the device has been placed into DFU mode for the second time.  Run RedSnow for the second time.  This time check just boot tethered.


If your device is turned off for any reason or the battery runs dead.  You will need to complete step 5 to regain Cydia functionality.  Hope this guide helps.

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users STAY AWAY FROM UPDATE 5.1 at this time(March 10, 2012)  There isn’t a jailbreak for these devices at this time.