iMpossible Pixel iOS App Review: Arcade Style Gaming



The game Impossible Pixel is an arcade game for the iOS devices. The main goal of the game is to make your way to the exit of every level, but its not that easy. Along the way there are many things that can kill you, like buzz saws, spikes, electricity, and many more items. Within the level there is a coin that you can collect, this adds a more challenging factor to the game because sometimes the coins are very difficult to collect. Currently there are currently five worlds you can play in, each getting more difficult as you go along. Some levels require precise timing, while others require ninja like jumps off walls.


Impossible Pixel does an excellent job at using the 8-bit graphics, it reminds me of an old arcade game. All of the buzz saw motions are fluent and your character moves smoothly from side to side. Just a warning before you go any farther, this game will get on your nerves. You will die so many times, by the end you will just give up on a level that is difficult. With that, every level has some degree of difficulty, many buzz saws move up and down making certain jumps impossible if you do not time it right. When you reach the goal you are graded in stars. To get more stars you have to complete the levels quicker. Try getting all three stars on every level, it’s difficult! I guess that’s why they call it “Impossible Pixel”. This game reminds me greatly of the games N+ and Super Meat Boy because in both you jump trying to avoid obstacles to make it to the finish.

– 93 levels of pure platform
– 5 unique worlds
– 4 cool boss fights
– 89 secret coins to find
– 93 star grades to get
– Run, jump and avoid obstacles as fast as you can !
– 28 Game Center ACHIEVEMENTS
– Global chapters HIGHSCORE leaderboards
– Hours and Hours of fun gameplay !

– Selected by AppGratis as the app of the day !

– Featured as the App Of The Day on Gametrailers !

– Featured as a “today’s top app” on AppAdvice !

– Arcade Sushi’s App of the Day !

– Pocketgamers’ App of the Day !

– Iphonesoft’s App of the Day !

– Selected as one of the apps of the day on MacMagazine !

– “Impossible Pixel : Super Meat Boy on iPhone […] with beautiful pixel graphics and a superb 8-bit soundtrack” – Blogosquare

– “If you enjoyed the spot-on platforming of Super Meat Boy and League of Evil 2, there’s a lot to like about this tricky adventure” – Gametrailers

– “Rock-solid pixelart platformer” – PocketGamer

– “It’s fun because it’s brutal hard :D” – TouchGameplay

– “Impossible Pixel is gorgeous” – SlideToPlay



Finally, Impossible Pixel is an amazing arcade game that will keep you playing. As I warned you this game will rattle you, so use at your own discretion. Don’t throw your device at a wall because you can’t beat a level. Anyway, this game is amazing and with a price tag of $0.99, this one will be in most of our collections soon.