iExplorer HD App Review for iPad

It’s really impossible to get all the features into the one file management app. This app was recommended by my friend. I had a chance to explore this app over the last week and I found all the features have been organized well and easy to use. It’s directed me in the correct way to use the app.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 6.34.21 PM

In this app world, it’s really a hard work to manage all the files stored, if they are out of reach from their PC’s and also for the people who are traveling often. iExplorer HD is such a good and friendly app that can make you to work easily and quickly. You don’t want to be sad about the group of files on your PC. This app makes you feel easy to sync all the files from a cloud services, remote machine and also from the FTP servers from your iPad.

iExplorer HD app supports all types of doc and other extension formats including e-Book type. And also the app can be supported the file formats like ss, srt and more. App can be integrated with Google doc spreadsheets and also allows you to save and edit Google docs in different formats and the feature like video and audio streaming is based on your net connectivity speed. By the way, user can search files easily using the search box of the app and quite good to view the images and also you can easily scroll the pictures and view them in zoom mode.


There is a menu where you can do the action like copy, paste, email and sync from the remote server by tapping on a file. This app also helps you to transfer the files via Bluetooth to the other iOS device and you have an option to check-out the subtitles in the video mode. These types of interesting features are not available with other apps.  Further, I need to mention that this app cost made me stunned and seems the cost is very cheap than the other file management apps. It’s not very easy to make all the features available in one app. I found the iExplorer app is avail for iPhone version too and the iPad app version cost is $4.99 and you can go ahead of getting the iExplorer HD in the iTunes app store. I Recommend this app!

iExplorer HD - Zhigang Chen