Greenpois0n Tutorial


  1. DOWNLOAD Latest Greenp0ison software follow this link to download Windows Version
  2. Download latest version of iTunes from Apple.
  3. When download is complete connect iphone to computer with USB cable.
  4. Make sure iTunes is closed
  5. When you start greenpois0n it is vital you follow the instructions on the screen.  The iPhone must be entered into DFU mode correctly.  If you see a chord needing to be plugged into computer you have failed.  Simply turn the phone off unplug from computer and start over.  The phone must be in DFU mode or it will not JailBreak correctly.
  6. If you see code starting to scroll across the screen it is jailbreaking correctly.  Simply let the software do its job and follow the on screen instructions.
  7. The iPhone should reboot during the process.  When it does you should see the green poison symbol on the screen.
  8. After the phone reboots the green loader icon will be on the screen.
  9. Tap the loader icon to install Cydia.  When Cydia installs choose the user option.  When this completes I recommend rebooting the device.  You should now be Jailbroken