How To Fix “Exit Safe Mode” Problem On jailbroken Devices



Regardless of how long you been jailbreaking chances are you have seen the crash screen shown above.  Most times this comes after you recently downloaded a new Cydia Tweak or updated your sources/Repo’s.  However, it maybe something simple such as a bad Cydia package, Repo/Source, or possibly an update you haven’t made yet released in CYDIA.  Here are a few other Cydia tips and tricks.

Most times it’s pretty simple to fix.  However, we will walk you through a fews different ways to fix the problem and hooefully you will never see that screen again.

Exit Safe Mode Fixes

1.  Reboot or Respring -most cases this will fix the problem completely.  However, if you are still having the problem try the next step.

2.  Do a hard boot – Hold down the Home Button and Power button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

3.  Remove the last tweak or source you added.  Please DO NOT USE pirated repo sources.  These will cause problems on a daily basis.  Reason being I think the developers find ways to update which causes this to happen.  Stay away from the BAD REPO’S.  It’s worth spending a few bucks to have a smooth running device.  I have had as many as 30-40 tweaks installed on my iPhone 5 at one time.  This would not be possible using pirated tweaks. Besides the developers deserve the money.  They have earned it.

4.  You may need to restore the device completely and re-jailbreak.


Just simply go down the list trying these techniques   I can assure you one of these will solve your problem.  99% of problems come from pirated tweaks.