Growing Favorite Cydia List 2011(Updated 11/09/11)

  • Gesturizer– ($2.99) set to open any app by a simple screen gesture. Such as open YouTube by drawing the letter “Y” on the screen or open Safari by drawing a letter “S” on the screen. This app requires activator to work. So to do this first launch activator for example by double clicking home. This launches Gesturizer when the screens looks change, now draw the letter to open the corresponding app.
  • Double @- (FREE) set to type an email address, password, or any other group of letters, numbers, or symbols used often. This is a very useful application or tweak. I use this on all my idevices daily. It saves me a lot of time and typing.
  • GravityLockScreen– ($1.99)This is a new way to unlock your iphone or ipod. I’m not sure if it works on ipad. I haven’t tried it. To use this simply flick the screen upwards and the iphone unlocks. It has a couple settings that control how fast the screen goes up and the number of times it bounces before opening. I like this tweak it breaks the monotonous way of unlocking the screen. They refer to it as physics inside the app.
  • LockGestures-($1) This app can be set to do an infinite number of things from the lockscreen. For example, if you want to start the ipod simply set it to start by tapping the screen three times. The list and combinations are endless. I would definitely check this out guys.
  • Barrel 2- (Free)Easy way to add some style to you iphone. This tweak allows the user to set the icons to scroll in/out, spiral as you go from screen to screen. Very unique tweak and for the price you can’t beat it.



  • DeepEnd-(Free) This makes the springboard look 3D. It

makes the icons appear as if they are floating on the screen. It does not work with all wallpapers. The wallpaper needs to have some 3D ability. Like solid black wallpaper can’t appear 3D but if you add white spots on it, Bammm.



  • GraviBoard-(2.99) This is another springboard tweak. It doesn’t have any function value but nice conversation starter. Shake the device to cause the icons to fall or touch the screen and cause the icons to bounce around the screen. This is fun to play around on. Nice way to pass a little time or freak out your friends.
  • PkgBackup-($6.99) If you are going to have a jailbroken device this app is the MOST IMPORTANT applications to have. You can save all your Cydia downloads and restore after an itunes restore. It can be set to do a scheduled backup whenever needed. This was one of the first apps I purchased after jailbreaking. Boy, am I glad I did…..
  • MyWi-($20) tether your iphone to your ipad or laptop. I use this daily to tether my ipad to my iphone 4. I don’t have 3G on my iPad but like the larger screen. So if I plan to do much internet surfing I just tether them and I’m on my way. I truly love this.
    ActionMenu-($4.99) It’s worth the price to be able to copy and paste. If you have a favorite email signature you can set it inside this app. I use this daily as well. There are a few apps I consider must have. This is one of those apps.
  • Notified Pro: Like Mobile Notifier and Notifier+, it’s a better notification system for iOS. Though soon to be obsolete when iOS 5 releases (it’s nearly the same solution), it delivers non-intrusive webOS style notifications and an Android style drag-down banner.


  • Springtomize: This is the most advanced tweak in Cydia.  It has over forty features inside.  A suite of custom tools and tweaks that let you adjust your iPhone like icons, folders, status bar, lockscreen, animations, springboard and more.($6.99)

  • Winterboard: This is where you will set your themes and many other tweaks on this list.  It is preloaded when you jailbreak most times.  This app is a must have and a classic especially if you want to customize almost everything on your iPhone.(Free)



  • 5-Row Qwerty Keyboard: It adds a row of numbers on the keyboard. Makes typing much faster on the iphone for sure.


  • 3G Unrestrictor This is a great twerak to talk on facetime anywhere(Allows you to trick your iPhone into thinking it’s on WiFi when really on 3G so you can get HD Youtube videos, use Facetime on 3G and download larger apps and also great for Skype on 3G.)


  • Icon Renamer – rename icons in springboard to your choice


  • Rich Text for Mail – adds a little professional look to the email signature.  Adds html type email editing / rendering


  • MxTube–  Download youtube videos directly to your iphone and watch anytime.
  • Gridlock– Arrange the icons however you wish.  You can make letters or numbers on your screen with your app icons.  Very Cool tweak.
    • §  RetinaAppIcons- Gives your iphone all the best icons.  Great
    •  MultiIcon Mover App: iPhone is a house of tons of applications and the same can be flooded with pages at the same time where one will face the need to keep the most used ones in upfront. Though the iPhone supports the same but multiple icons cannot be moved in a single time which makes the whole process lengthy and frustrating. The MultiIcon Mover App allows this function, where multiple icons can be placed from one place to another in a single time.
    • The BiteSMS App: The top jailbreak apps for iOS 5 are rather incomplete without any interesting visuals treat. The BiteSMS app allows a user to have a better option in respect of graphics involved in text messages as the original version of texts are very ordinary. The application has a ton lot of features which ranges from emoticons to quick mail composition, templates, passcode lock, signature, etc. The latest price of this app in Cydia store is $6.74.
    • My 3G App:  This makes the iphone think it’s on a wifi connection.  My 3G app which allows the users to make a face time call via Wi-Fi. Moreover, this application is a trick based application which allows the users’ device to believe that the same is connected to a Wi-Fi in place of a 3G connection. The same application is again chargeable @ $3.99.
    • The MyWi App: The MyWi Application is again one of the best Cydia App for iOS 5 which allows the user to convert their iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot which allows a person use Wi-Fi and 3G connections. The same is chargeable @ $19.99 from the Cydia Store.
    • The SBSettings App: To begin with, one of the best Cydia Apps for iOS 5 is the SBSettings which ensures easy operations while customizing the setting option in your iOS 5. The App allows the person to modify the present settings directly from the springboard itself which makes the task of operating the iPhone easier.
    • Real SMS- This is a great app for sending messages.  It has many of the same ffeatures as imessage released in iOS 5
  • Camerabuttons- turn your volume buttons on your iphone into a way to snap pics.  Nice
  • Veency-control your iphone remotely fromyour computer.  Great way to record your phone screen on your computer.  But to do that you will also need Camstudio.
  • Bosspaper- use all the wallpapers you want to by using this app and setting them to change at different intervals.
  • Dreamboard- nice app to get themes.   Good idea and workd fast but at the time of my review it was a bit buggy. But still worth checking out.
  • PhotoAlbums+ – great way to categorize your photos.   You can add different albums yourself and name them whatever you want.  Well worth the price $1.99 I think