Great Apps: Review seeks to fills one of the biggest voids in mobile – App Marketing


According to app search engine MobileWalla, there are currently more than 1.13 million apps available for download for iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows.


There are thousands of apps being approved daily on so many different platforms and this number looks like it will continue to increase.

One of the biggest challenges for app developers and people with the ‘next big app idea’ face is how to get their app noticed; and how to do market an app in a cost effective manner.

Rick Singer – CEO of thinks they may just have a solution. is a media company that focuses on app marketing and consumer use of apps. They do not develop apps, nor do they write reviews. focuses on marketing the site and brand, in turn, users and visitors can learn about the apps on the site.

“As an entrepreneur for the last 20 plus years, I felt the timing was perfect to build There is such a need for pure app marketing especially in a space that is already over-crowded. One of my goals for was to create a platform for which anyone could afford our services; we have achieved this. We current have four (4) different app marketing packages available for under $500 for a full year of app marketing” says Singer.

The platform only allows up to 25 apps to be added daily. App consideration is on a membership basis only and the company does have vetting process. Apps on the platform can enjoy leaderboard banner ads, coverage in something called the Spotlight App section, home page placement as well as other features. The company also advertises the platform on TV amongst other places.

Some well know apps already on the site are Snookify Me! By Snooki, Encyclopedia Britannica Kids: US Presidents, DJ Pauly D: Beat That Boardwalk. is expecting to expand its celebrity and brand names apps over the next 12-18 months as well. looks to make a splash in an overpopulated app market.