Grand Theft Auto Vice City Review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

Have you been waiting for GTA: Vice City to release on iOS? It’s currently available in the iTunes app store for $4.99. The game offers some action packed violent gaming if you can understand or use the controls. However, I’m not going to say this was the games faulty due to my physical limitations. It could be because I don’t have both hands to use while playing.

The graphics and sound effects are great. I really enjoyed listening to the 80’s background music. This was the era of music I grew up listening to so it brought back a lot of cool memories. The game can be controlled using accelerometer or analog steering. Users may also position any of the on screen button controls however or wherever they wish.
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Rockstar Games
Grab a copy now by clicking the download button here. Let us know what you think about the game overall. Was the controls hard for you to adjust to while playing? Watch the video below for a look inside GTA Vice City.