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Get Paid Apps Free iOS 10 – 10.3 Install FTOS App [No Jailbreak]: TuTuApp Replacement May 2017

How To Install FTOS App to Get Paid Apps Free iOS 10 – 10.3: TuTuApp Replacement

Paid Apps free applications seem to be the hot topic lately in the iOS community.  Whether you are just getting to know about these applications or services which offer paid apps free or have been using them for a while TuTuApp seems to be the big dawg in charge.  TuTuApp offers hundreds of paid apps free.  If you have never used this service be sure to check it out.  However, from time to time Apple declares war on TuTuApp and revokes the certificates. This prevents the applications from working until they resign them and you re-upload the new versions.  Sounds like a lot of work I know but if you are in a situation and can’t purchase the paid apps and games this is a great option to enjoy.  Want to try TuTuApp?  Check out our tutorial which will walk you through each step for installing TuTuApp and show you how to get the paid apps free. How to Get Free Paid Apps iOS 10: Install TuTuApp Helper on iOS 10 No Jailbreak/Computer

TweakBox App is also a great way to get paid apps free.  Need to know how to install Tweakbox App?  Sometimes the TuTuApps stop working and this is a great way to get paid apps free which may not be working at TuTuApp but working at TweakBox App or vice versa?  Personally, I prefer Tweakbox App over TuTuApp. It doesn’t seem to get revoked as often. Check out our guide for installing Tweakbox App How To Install Paid Apps Free on iOS 10 Devices No Jailbreak/Computer Needed using TweakboxApp

Top Secret Way To Keep iOS Paid Apps Free Working in iOS 10-10.3.2 using FTOS App

Top Secret Service only a few are aware of called ftOS.  This is a new Vietnamese service but also offers an English version.  This is hands down the single best interface of any paid apps free service available anywhere.  They offer so much more info such as the latest iOS Jailbreak available for each device, the latest iOS firmware being signed by Apple,  and so much more.  This is all available along with 100’s of paid apps free in top secret service or application called fTOS: http://FTiOS.net/install

How To Install FTiOS App to Get Paid Apps Free iOS 10 – 10.3

Users can install fTOS by opening this link in Safari on iOS 10 – 10.3 mobile device

Step 1: Open Mobile Safari Browser (must be Safari)

Step 2:  Enter the URL http://FTiOS.net/install

Step 3: Tap “install” on the screen

Step 4:  This will install the profile and the FTOS app on your home screen

Step 5:  Once the profile has been installed it will need to be trusted.  If it’s the first time installing FTOS on this device complete steps 7-8.  Otherwise, you may skip to step 9.  

Step 7:  Open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management

Step 8: Tap the “FTOS” profile from here tap “trust” in center of page

Step 9:  Users can now open the FTOS App from the home screen to use.

Step 10:  Find “Paid Apps Free” by tapping the “ftStore” category in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Source: Youtube.com/thehackspot

Users may know open the app and start downloading any applications they wish from inside the store. Be sure to share this post with all your friends so they too can begin enjoying this new found way of getting paid apps free.  Although, some of these applications are said to be copied from TuTuApp we have found first hand that many of these applications continue working after TuTuApps have been temporarily revoked.

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