Gameloft Rolls Out Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour!

Gameloft just released the new Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on iOS App Store today . It features an upgraded graphics and gameplay with the ability to play as both the US Marine hero , blake , and the villain, Edward Page .

“In the wake of a nuclear disaster, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group,”

The president has been kidnapped by an American extremist . Earn coins throughout the game , upgrade your gun to a powerful monster and fight your way through 12 amazing missions flying through many places from Hawaii to Barcelona and ending up in a snowy army base where it’s Show Time , SAVE THE PRESIDENT!

The multiplayer mode is what keeps players coming back . Packed with many different varieties of game modes such as capture the flag , zone control and much more , fight your way through the rankings and leaderboard and become the most fearsome soldier !

Watch the gameplay below to see the action packed game which lays inside :

So what are you waiting for ? Click the button below to Head over to the App Store now.

Check back soon for a hands on review full walk through of MC4.
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - Gameloft