How to install Free game hacks for iOS 10 No Computer No Jailbreak

Sideloading Hacked Games Free No Computer/Jailbreak

Some of us weren’t lucky enough to get the iPhone 7 in a jailbroken state yet?  If you fall into this category and are looking to get a few in-app purchases free or other hacked games we have the solution.  We have a fellow Youtube creator who goes by boomhackz on Youtube who has started his own hacking app and site for iOS games and such.  This site is 100% safe without any malware because I know this guy.  So put your mind at ease and enjoy these new hacked apps and in-app purchases.  These hacks do no require a computer or jailbreak.  No computer. No Jailbreak.

You can do 100% of this installation from your iOS device.  No computer is needed.  You may also want to check out the install video below or just see what the hack has. to offer.  I certainly believe you will greatly enjoy. 

How to install iHackos Free game hacks for iOS 10 No Computer/Jailbreak

  1. open safari
  2. Enter the address for iHackOS   

        Try iCydia Hacks

3.  After the app install open settings >general>profiles & device management

4.  Tap the name iHackos > you will need to “Trust”

5.  Once you trust the profile you can now open the iHackos app

6.  Choose the game you want to install

7.  After the game installs you will need to “trust” this profile too just as you did in step 3 above

  8.  Once you “trust” the apps profile you will be set

9.  Open the game and enjoy

Watch the video for a step by step guide on the instructions above.  If you found this post helpful please share on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, take just a moment to smash that Subscribe link here.