Getting Youtube Working on iPhone 4

After several download from Cydia. I had noticed that my YT stopped playing video. I went back into my savings on Cydia and deleted the applications and things I had previously downloaded, thinking that this would resolve the problem I was having with you tube. But after spending a great deal of time deleting and respringing my iPhone. This had no effect on the problem you tube videos were not playing on my iPhone anyway.

I don’t understand what caused this to happen but it has happened to me in the past weeks several times and the problem with my phone USB to my computer with iTunes open I am afraid that I will accidentally upgrade my firmware and I am currently running firmware 4.2.6 from Verizon firmware and I don’t want to upgrade at the moment because I like the jailbreak and and am familiar with the jailbreak process from green poison.
But I have come up with a solution that Works!!!!!!!!!!
Solution to the Youtube Maddness
To resolve this problem what you need to do is go into your iTunes application on your PC or Mac USB your iPhone to PC or Mac. Right-click on the name of your iPhone scroll down where it says do a restore. This process takes about 10 min. maybe longer dependent on how much stuff you have on your last backup. Be sure to backup at least weekly. This will ensure you always have a good backup to restore, if needed. I hope this was helpful to you and saves you many hours and much less frustration than I have thanks for visiting my site and check back often as I update any problems and fixes that I find I do post here on my website thank you very much

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This video will show you how to get your idevice out of recovery mode without restoring and losing your jailbreak.