Fix Screen Shrinking

If you’ve jailbroken your iPod touch or iPhone 4S running on iOS 5/5.0.1 and your screen has shrunk down to 1/4 of its size, don’t despair because there’s a fix for it.

All you need to do to resolve the 1/4 screen issue is to
-Install SBSettings from your Cydia
-Launch the app and tap on ‘Safe Mode‘

Reboot and the issue should be disappeared.

If all else fails connect device to computer. Open Fun-Box, if you need to download it just google it. Start deleting the last app or tweak you installed. After you delete the problem you think. Reboot

If nothing above fixed your problem, your SOL, RESTORE. Thats all is left. Hope this helped. Leave a comment and let me know how it goes.

  • James

    I know this is referring to iOS 5 but the problem also exist in
    ios6. The fix I’ve found is having the popular app Icleaner (icleaner pro will also work) and what you have to do is allow the app the run and clean. When prompted to respring do so, after the respring you will have your full in faulty screen back 🙂