Fix Machine Fun Puzzle Game For iOS Devices


Fix Machine is a new puzzle game for the iOS devices. In the game you must transfer a bowling ball to a basket only using your ingenuity and also some wood. You must build a way for the ball to reach the goal. In the beginning you only receive wood to use as tools. The wood can be screwed together to create a longer board. Later on you can use motors, wheels and wires. Many levels require just a quick thought about how to complete them while others take a little bit longer to figure out.



The beginning levels are easy, as in all games but as you progress they get extremely difficult. The levels with the motors take a bit longer because you have position the piece perfectly or else the machine won’t work and you will fail. The wood can be placed so it actually functions with the ball, like the ball can roll off of it. Or it can be put in the foreground to be used to swing past stuff. The puzzles in this game may get on your nerves as you may come so close to completing the level but the ball just comes up short on the basket. This rattles you because you have to go back and tweak your design.


Finally the game Fix Machine is a fun puzzle game for the iOS devices. You will be toying with this game for a long time because, I’ll be honest it’s difficult. So if you enjoy building puzzle games then this game is for you.