Five Apps Start Youtube Channel Using ONLY iPhone or iPad 2017

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Start Youtube Channel Using ONLY  iPhone or iPad 2017

Many Youtube fans are young or just want to try making videos without investing a great deal money.  Although, with the quality of iPhone and iPad cameras there’s very little need to buy anything more.  The iPhone camera is very suitable for professional settings whether it be video or photo.

We have received the question many times. Can I start a Youtube Channel with Only my iPhone?  The best way I know to answer this questions is absolutely.  There’s not a reason in this world to prevent you from starting and maintaining a Youtube channel with only your iPhone.  The iPhone shoots excellent video and photo both suitable for this task.

The only obstacle to completing this task properly is knowing which applications to get the best results.  We have spent many hours trying and researching the different apps for the job.  We have whittled down the list to only five primary applications plus a way to screen record if you need one.  These are listed in no particular order.  We ask that you please use our download links to help support this site.  There’s no extras cost to you.

Phonto is a powerful image editing applications which you need to create thumbnails.  The thumbnail is what attracts people to your video.  Again, I can’t stress how important it is to take the extra time to make a great thumbnail.  Phonto is a free download, however, there is a $1.99 fee to unlock all the different graphics you can have to help make awesome thumbnails.  I suggest you go ahead and unlock the app in order to have the hundreds of different graphics to add to your images.  It has different themes you can add to your images which will improve the quality over all of your images.

Gravie is an awesome video making app that helps create amazing videos and edit them right from the application.  It’s fast and simple to use for only $1.99.  Users can choose from different themes to add to the video and start building a great video to share.  Once the video has been edited to your liking users may share it directly to Youtube from inside the application.  Gravie also has share options for other social media too.  This is definitely the one video editing application you don’t want to be left without when creating Youtube videos and uploading directly from your iPhone or using only your iPhone to build your channel.  Users can add animation to their text in the video and so much more.

Text Master adds great power to the editing process right at your fingertips with only a tap.  The application is currently in the app store for $1.99  Users can choose the video and add text, stickers, and custom music.  All this with just the tap of the screen.  Editing of this quality use to take hours on the computer with expensive software only large TV companies could afford to buy.

Five Apps To Start Youtube Channel on iPhone iPad Only



Text Master

Intro Designer

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome has been around for a couple years or so but still a great camera application for taking great video and photos.  It’s free so grab it and enjoy. You will be able to add great preset effects and much more.  It’s simple to use once you become familiar with the different locations of the settings.  This application is better for making video when you are shooting yourself or others.  I personally use this camera app over the stop application.  This was so much better than the stock camera app a couple years ago needless to say.  However, Apple has definitely improved the quality of the stock camera app.  Either way this application offers many more effects and such.  So its a great app to have in your arsenal.

Intro Designer Lite makes creating professional intro’s simple.  It’s obvious by the title it requires upgrading to get the power of the application.Although the upgrade will definitely be helpful its not necessary.  The lite version comes with a couple themes which could be used for about any type of Youtube intro I can think of.  It’s simple to use and only take a couple seconds to create a professional looking intro for your channel.

These are the most powerful video editing applications in the app store today.  If you find better ones be sure to share them with us.  Also, in order to record your iPhone screen for tutorials or gaming you will need to follow a couple of our other post which explains How to Record Screen on iPhone. 

How to Screen Record iOS 10-10.2 [FREE] NO Jailbreak 1080p iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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