Fitness Cafe iOS App Review: Personal Training App

Fitness Cafe Exercise App

Fitness Cafe Personal Training App

Fitness cafe is an iOS exercise app that gives users a ton of reasons why it would be a good choice for anyone who is into exercise at home or looking to get into it.  It’s a complete health improvement plan and it looks great on any iOS device too.

Personal Training

After users open the app from the main screen they can select “Personal Training” to see all the personal training options available to them.  These are “Hourglass Body”, “Build Defined Muscle”, “Office Energizer”, and “Good Morning Stretching”.  Each of these items has a specifically designed set of exercises designed for some specific purpose.  Obviously the hourglass body is designed for women, build defined muscle is to help with getting back those muscles you left behind after college, and Office Energizer is designed to help people workout while sitting in the office from a chair.

Fitness Cafe

The fitness cafe lets users choose between woman’s workout, man’s workout, fat burn, therapy, and life style.  It’s similar to the personal training section.  Each section has a specific set of exercises to work with.  Each set has a purpose and each purpose gives users the ability to own more workout cards for use in the app.


Overall this app gives uses plenty of value and a great price!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get into exercise from the privacy of their own home.