Favorite iPhone 4S Cases

Top Five iPhone 4S Case


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  • OtterBox Defender Case- This is my favorite case on the market.  It offers more protection than any other.  It has a built in screen protector.  This case protects the entire iphone 4S.  Many cases only cover the back.  Not OtterBox, they offer awesome protection for the screen and phone completely.  I have to say, if I had to choose only one case to ever use.  It would be the Defender by OtterBox.  They are very affordable at $49.95, this includes a belt clip for carrying on your hip.  The clip can also serve as a stand on a desktop for viewing.  It has many great features but protection is the best.  Many have argued it adds too much bulk.  I disagree.  I like the physical appearance it adds to the iphone 4S.  They can be purchased online at www.otterbox.com.  They come in several different colors such as black, pink, white, and camo.


    revo4: Silicone Case Protection for iPhone4/4S

  • iSkin offers some great protection for the iPhone 4S.  If you want less bulk you should consider iSkin cases.  I personally favor the iSkin Solo Vu.  This is a very slender, elegant but protective case.  However, it doesn’t have the built in skin protector.  iSkin does make a skin type protective screen covering.  It is pre-cut to fit the front and rear glass perfectly.  This does add protection against keys and other hard metal objects that could potentially scratch your iphones surface.  The iSkin protective skin covering is very easy to install.  The iSkin comes with a premixed solution for installing the skin.  As well as a squeegee for getting all the bubbles of air from between the iSkin and the iPhone’s surface.  The iskin sales for around $39.99 at www.iskin.com.
  • LifeProof has a great case for protection against water and many other elements.  Some of the great features of the LifeProof case which I feel are worth pointing out include waterproof, lightweight, design and more we will discuss later.  We have all accidently spilled a drink on our phone and gasp as we did.  Well I’m not telling you to pour soda all over yourself but just in case you do your iphone will still function.  How many are guilty of getting caught in a storm half way between the car and your destination.  This can be an iphone killer as well.  I personally have been guilty of this more times than I care to admit.  If the iphone was inside the LifeProof case instead of running faster and being afraid the phone would get water damage.  We could just throw our head back and do a little dance and enjoy these rain showers in the summer.  The LifeProof has many added bonuses.  This being one of many I could go on and on about but I won’t.  If you are an outdoorsman this case is going to be a life  saver or should I say “iPhone Saver.” It has so many great ways of protecting the phone.  The LifeProof case can be purchased on www.lifeproof.com for $69.95.

  • iON Predator Zero offers great protection without the added bulk.  The Predator is designed from the same material as the world’s most exclusive supercars.  The Predator Zero uniquely builds an Iridium chassis, featured zero signal interruption and zero flashlight interference.  It snaps very securely to the body of the iphone 4S without adding any extra bulk.  The iON Predator case can be purchased from www.ion.com for $69.95.
  • id-America- has several nice features.  The nice thing about this case is lightweight and no added bulk.  The user still has all the needed access to volume buttons, charger, sleep, and home.  The case comes in several different models.  The model I liked best was the Gasket Brushed Aluminum case.  It retails for $29.99 at www.id-case.com.