Favorite iPhone 4S Accessories 2012

Favorite Ten iOS Accessories for iPhone 4S

  1.  OlloClip-This is an awesome addition for anyone who enjoys taking photo’s with the iPhone 4S.  It comes with three kinds of lens.  The Fish-eye adds 180 degrees field of view to produce some amazing photographs.  The wide-angle lens is great for adding approximately double field of view of the normal iphone.  The macro lens applies roughly 10X multiplier and allows you to focus within 12-15 mm of your subject.
  2. OtterBox Defender Case – This is one of the best cases on the market.  It will add a bit of bulk to the iphone but not all that much.  It comes with a belt clip for carrying on your side.  I use this case on a daily basis and have found it to be my must have item.  This was the first thing I ordered after receiving the iphone.  Actually, the folks from http://www.otterbox.com were nice enough to send me a review unit.  I have been more than satisfied.  It has saved my iphone 4 more than I care to count.
  3. V-Moda Earphones – (V-moda vibrator) if you enjoy listening to music through your earphone these are the best for the money.  They are a little higher priced than most but worth every cent at $129.  These are the best balanced earphones on the market that I have used.  I have not listened to every set available.  I would like to compare these to others such as, Bose.  If I get the chance I’ll let you know.  These can be purchased at www.v-moda.com.
  4. J-Phonics Earphones– But if you consider yourself an audio phile and don’t mind paying a higher price I can suggest the BEST.  They are called J-Phonic from www.Sensaphonics.com and will rock you to the ground.   The highs, lows, and mids are perfect.  They come in a water proof case with a carabineer for carrying.
  5. iPhoneTripod Holder – This is a must have for anyone using the iphone to take photos.  This is an easy and inexpensive way to hold the iphone in place for the ultimate photos and video.  These attach to any common tripod to allow the user to take photos/videos hands-free.  The are very inexpensive at $9.99 at www.iphone-tripodholder.com.  Simply slide the iphone into the holder and your ready to use that great eight megapixel camera.
  6. STM BAGS– to keep all your accessories organized it’s very important to have a great bag/backpack.  STM Bags carry many different styles and colors.  I think they have a bag for all occasions.  One of my favorites is the 15’’ inch medium backpack.  It has several side compartments for smaller items such as the iphone chargers, OlloClip or iPhone-TriPod holder.  They are very affordable at $29.99 from www.stmbags.com.  They have bags for the ipad, MacBook, and more.
  1.      Kicker Headphones –Some users prefer over the earphones.  Should that be the case here, there is an abundant number to choose for your listening pleasure.  The best model I have used is the HP 541 TJ KICKER  Headphones.  These are extremely comfortable and stay on the head very well.  They are so comfortable you will forget you have them on.  They can be purchased from www.kicker.com for $149.
  2. TimeCommand – An awesome way to wake up each day while charging your ipod, ipad, or iphone.  This is a great product and can customize many aspects.  It can be used with a lamp to come on at the sound of an alarm or shut off at bed time.  It has it’s own Apple store application for your customization.  The TimeCommand can be purchased at www.steminnovation.com for around $80.


  • LifeProof iPhone Case – This will waterproof your device up to around six feet.  It has a connector to add waterproof headphones.  This is an awesome case for the swimming pool or beach.  I always have one close by for those occasions.  It can be purchased at www.lifeproof.com for $79.99.






  • TV Connector– There are many types to choose from for this connection.  It will turn the RCA or HDMI into an earplug or 30 point connector.  This will allow the user to play video or photos from the iphone, ipod, or ipad over the television.  These can be purchased at www.digitopz.com for around $40.