Favorite iPad Apps

Favorite iPad 2 Apps October 2011

This is a growing list. I will be updating this from time to time. The prices shown are the prices at the time I created the list. Should you want to add a game to the list feel free to leave a comment below. I will add it asap. Hope you enjoy.

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1. Pages ($9.99) this is an awesome word processing application. It allows you to add shapes tables, charts, and other media with a simple click or tap. The spurious sampled use. You can copy all of your documents if pages into iTunes, iDisk, and WebDav. This is a Must have application if you plan to do any type of word processing on the ipad.
2. Notes Plus(1.99) To need a note taking application this is my favorite. It allows you to type or write the notes. You can also record the lecture if you need to. It can be synced with itunes, dropbox, and google docs.
3. DropBox(Free) is a must have for several reasons. The best thing about dropbox is you always have your document with you if you need it. Just upload whatever you want into dropbox and access it from any web location. The only negative thing about dropbox is they only give you two gigs. You can buy more if you need it. I really haven’t needed anymore storage.
4. BoxNet(Free) with the release of icloud, storage became a major issue. Boxnet has offered 50 gigs of free space for life. That’s a great deal. If you haven’t claimed your sstorage I would. I don’t believe this will last long.
5. AppAdvice($1.99) I use this application everyday. This is the best site I have found to stay up to date on the latest applications being released.app advice
6. ChickenBalls($1.99) If you enjoy Angry Birds you will enjoy CB. It’s based on the same principal as AB. I find I like it a little more personally. I am not a hard core gamer. I do enjoy a select few and this is one of those chosen few.
7. NetFlix(Subscription required) If you enjoy watching movies, this application is great. I only use it occasionally but when I do its worth the $8 for the few movies I watch.
8. Pandora Radio(Free) It allows you to listen to any type of music you want. If you like country, it will only play country. It has an advertisement every fifth song. If you want to remove the ads you have to pay a fee.
9. iDraw((2.99) This application is a lot like photoshop. It works along the same principles as photoshop. You can add layers and it has many of the same tools as PS.
10. Dragon Search(Free) Search the internet by speaking. This is great when you are in a position that you can’t type.
11. Neu.Draw(Free) Another great drawing application. It also has many features like PS.
12. TextFree iPad(Free) If you need to text from your ipad this application works great. Should you want to receive text acquiring a number is simple too.
13. EverNote(Free) This is a simple way to create a document of any kind. Its very simple to creat headings, subheadings, and much more. It also has an audio recorder built in.
14. YP Mobile(Free) This allows the user to find any listing they may need. It will search by location or type in a name to search.
15. PhotoShop Express(Free) This is a great way to modify your photos fast. Its simple to use and can be shared online with others.
16. Air Display($1.99) A simple way to view anything on your computer over your ipad.
17. Crackle(Free) This is another great application for watching movies. They add new movies everyday.
18. Skype(Free) Great way to communicate over the ipad. No charge for using it on the ipad or computer to computer. If you call a landline or cell number there is a charge.
19. FreeAppADay(Free) Get paid apps free daily. Request paid apps for free.
20. Dragon Dictation(Free) Speak into the ipad and it writes text for you.
21. RealRacing 2($4.99) This is one of my favorite games on the ipad. It simulates driving a race car. Using the Accelorometor to drive. It’s very realistic racing.
22. Zinio(Free) If you have magazine subscriptions you can download them onto the ipad to read.
23. SketchBook Pro($2.99) Great drawing or designing application. I have used this application to create several logos for hire. It does professional work.
24. ArtRage($1.99) If you enjoy painting this application is for you. It mixes the paint and spreads on the canvas like real life.
25. Awesome Note($4.99) This will be the best note taking application that’s ever been as far as I’m concerned. It is just “awesome.”LOL Each note can be categorized into colors, dates, and more.
26. KeyNote($9.99) Great for making presentations. It’s very easy to add photos, shapes, tables, and more. It can then be hooked to a projector and played while you speak.
27. Numbers($9.99) Simple way to build spreadsheets.
28. NFS SHIFT 2($9.99) This is another great racing game. You use the ipad to drive the car.
29. Fruit Ninja HD($4.99) Another one of my favorite IOS games.
30. EA Hunting(Free) If you are a sportsman you will enjoy this game. Harvest deer, antelope, bear, and more with many different types of weapons.
31. AudioMemos($1.99) Send voice emails instead of writing them. This is an awesome application
32. Blogsy($2.99) If you are a blogger you will be able to enjoy blogging from your ipad 2 now.
33. QuickOffice($14.99) Create documents and save them from your computer onto your IOS devices over your wi-fi network. This does spreadsheets, pdf, and more.
34. 1Password($24.99) save all your passwords from ipad and computer
35. iAudition($2.99) great way to save audio files and share them.
36. Layers Pro($.99) great for drawing or design
37. Twitter(Free) Social media
38. Facebook(Free) Social media
39. iMailG HD($2.99) great way to combine more than one gmail account into one location.
40. Getaway($1.99) great action driving game
41. Madden12