Earn Free Apps Daily, Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes GiftCards By Playing Games

free my apps

We all enjoy getting free things.  It;’s even better when its a free application for our iPhone or iPad.  FreeMyApps is a site which users can download applications and play to earn points.  The points can be cashed in for apps, Amazon or iTunes gift cards.  This is an easy, legitimate way to earn free applications for your iOS devices.

Simply visit this site www.freemyapps.com and click lets get started.  The site will install a certificate onto your device.  This is completely harmless and necessary.  By installing this profile onto your device they can keep track of your points.  Users may also do this on each device to earn points for each device separately   It’s a great way to find new apps and earn a little money in the process.  Once the applications have been downloaded you must open it for at least thirty seconds to earn the points.  So be sure to complete all the steps to earn your points.

Watch the video below to see how to earn points for all these cool items.