Delete Backup’s In iTunes

How to delete iphone, ipod, ipad backups from computer.  Many users may not be aware of how much room a back up can take up on any computer.  I personally only keep my backups in the cloud now.  It’s much more convenient and you don’t lose the space on your hard drive.  I will show you how to save in iCloud here.
Save computer space by deleting old backups from devices you may have gotten rid of long ago, keep only the most recent back up, and make sure the devices in the backup list are still valid.

  1.  Launch itunes on computer and open preferences
  2.  Click the device tap at the top
  3.  Find the backup you wish to delete and click “delete back up”.  If you have several backups saved in the list it may take a little time to complete.  I recommend only having one backup saved locally(computer)

Keep at least one back up saved on your computer in case you need to restore but don’t have internet access for iCloud.  I personally think iCloud is much more useful.  You can do a manual backup from any iOS device at any time.