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Top Cydia Tweaks For iPhone 4S or iPad 2



Description: It allows the user to easily switch between apps by swiping the screen with two fingers or many other assignable gestures.

Price: $2.99


SbSwitcher:  Easy wall to multitask.  Simply activate by double tapping home button.  When it opens you can set nine favorite apps which appear above the multitask bar.  Swipe to the next screen for all the sbsetting-like features.

Price: $0.99


Safari UniBar

Description: This tweak allows you to use the Safari address bar as a combined search and URL bar similar to Google Chrome.
Price: Free

Springtomize 2

Description: This appliocation does more than any one single application inside Cydia.  You can do things such as change icen size.  Change carrier, status bar color, and so much more.  Watch my video here.  This is the best app in Cydia as far as doing the most.
Price: $2.99


Description: This is the app needed to set up things like open any application by swiping status bar to right.  It has tens of different activation methods which can be assigned to any Cydia app of your choice. Activator was updated with iOS 5?s built in Twitter support, so it’s extremely handy for sending tweets from anywhere.
Price: Free

3G Unrestrictor

Description: Awesome way to use Facetime, iCloud, HQ YouTube, and PhotoStream, all over 3G. Your friends will be so confused when you facetime away from wifi.
Price: $3.99

Action Menu

Description: This is a an app I use daily for wordproessing, tweets, and more.  Makes typing a breeze.  A copy and paste menu enhance that allows you to save favorite items for easy copy and paste.
Price: Free


Description: Add folders within folders and increase the app limit within folders to infinite. Includes paging, and visual customization as well. A much-needed tweak if you are a heavy App Store downloader.
Price: $1.99

Siri Mic Colors

Description: Allows you to change the Microphone color of Siri.
Price: Free

CallBar:  This was a great tweak in iOS 4.  It still has great features.  I recommend.  The best part is it keeps the phone app from taking over your phone should you get a call during a game or writing an email.  Definitely, worthy of the list

Price: $1.99 on sale through January 26th, afterwards back to its normal $3.99 price.


intelliScreen: Awesome way to view and manage the locksdcreen.  Add Facebook timeline, tweets,  email, RSS, Calendar, reminders, and more.  Order the lockscreen widgets.  This is definitely the way Apple should have done it.

Price: $7.99  If you already have it upgrade is $2.99

InfiniBoard:  This is an older tweak but worth having.  Add as many applications as you wish to each page.  Scroll the page vertically.

Price: $1.99

InifiniDock: Add all the application you wish to the dock.  However, over ten and they start stacking on top of each other.  This makes them hard to tap needless to say it looks terrible.

Price: $0.99

InfiniFolder:  This takes the limit of twelve apps from the folders.  Add as many apps as you wish to each folder.

Price: $0.99

Motion:  Make your icons dance.  This is a fun tweak which adds a littlr life to the springboard.  This isn’t an app I would use every day but I do like it.

Price: $0.99

Package Backup:  Save all your Cydia tweaks and apps in one place.  Allows the user to restore much like using itunes restores the Apple applications.  This is a must have application.

Price: $7.99

Speed Intensifier:  Make the apps open faster.  This does not add speed to the device.  It just appears to by opening applications faster.

Price: Free

Double @-  This allows the user to assign a short cut to double tapping @.  Such things as email addresses can be assigned and by tapping the @ writes the assigned email anyplace you double tap @.  This is a must have application.  I use it everyday.

Price: Free

Cydelete:  puts an “x” on Cydia apps while in jiggle mode.  Allowing the user to delete them from the springboard same as Apple applications.

WinterBoard: If you want to change the physical appearance through themes this is the simplest way.  The user can download different themes inside Cydia.  Some may be paid while others are free.  This is installed when the device is jailbroken usually.

Price: Free



Change the color of your notification banner to any one of ten themes.  You also may choose from Five different Font Colors.  This is a very easy tweak to use.  Simply enable it and choose the color and theme for your notification center.



This tweak is a little different than the above.  It allows you to change the font color and banner color.