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The best Cydia apps/tweaks for the iPhone 4S or iPad 2.  These are apps I use every day.  A couple of these apps are essential to jailbreaking.  Such as, Package backup, this application is a must for saving Cydia applications should you ever need to do a restore with the iphone, ipod, or ipad.

Top Cydia Application for New Jailbreak on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2

  •  Flowtation(Free)– changes the behavior of the screen when swiping the notification center into place. Puts notification above your screen, so you move the screen away to reveal notification center.



  • RetinaPad –View all applications in ipad mode.  It turns the iphone versions only into a full size ipad version which is better viewed on the ipad. Enable Retina Display for iPhone apps running on the iPad
  • 2× mode how it should be
    Support for most iPhone apps and most retina-capable games.








  • CallBar($3.99)– Take back control of the iphone during receiving phone calls. Answer calls by sweiping right or left.  This app has several gestures for answering calls.  Turn on buttons to answer/decline calls.  Add Callbar to facetime, Skype, Viber, and more.








  • InfiniBoard($1.99)- add more than twelve application per page.  This allows the user to scroll the page vertically. Infinidock($0.99)-allows you to scroll dock horizontally.  Add as many icons as you may.  However, over ten and they begin to start stacking on top of each other making it hard to select them.  InfiniFolder($0.99)-eliminates the twelve app rule.  Add as many applications as you wish per folder.
  • PKGBackup($6.99)– Save Cydia Applications to your contacts or deopbox.  If you need to restore you don’t have to redownload all your Cydia apps again.  This is a must have applications for jailbreaking.











  • Speed Intensifier(FREE)- Quadruple the speed of your iphone.  Select your speed on a line graph.  Love this app/tweak.
  • Winterboard(FREE) is a platform to give your device a graphical overhaul. It’s probably the app you’ll use the most. It lets you activate or deactivate all the themes and tweaks you download. You can even mix and match different themes and tweaks to get the look you want.










  • SBSettings (FREE)is probably the favorite jailbreak app of all. By a simple swipe of the finger, you can toggle Bluetooth on/off, WiFi on/off along with reboot, respring and kill processes. The app also supports different themes and add-ons from Cydia. It will save you lots of time and battery life.







  • CyDelete (FREE) is a tweak that lets you delete apps from Cydia directly from springboard.
  • Activator (FREE) is an amazing app that lets you tweak various aspects of your device. Set up custom gestures and commands to change the way you use your device.  Example, open internet by tapping status bar.









  •  Springtomize 2 ($1.99)– This application has more ability than any application inside Cydia.  You can do things such as, Change carrier name, size of icons, status bar color, whats in status bar, and so much more.
  •  Zephyr-($2.99)- swipe screen to open previous application.  The gestures can be changed also, such as number of  fingers to  swipe screen.










  • AdBlocker– blocks all unwanted ads in most free version apps.
  • DeepEnd –Make the springboard to appear 3D when moved. This only works with certain backgrounds.
  • Celeste– ($1.99)allows transfer of data from iphone to other Bluetooth devices.  Celeste is the Bluetooth file transfer Apple forgot. Long awaited, Celeste allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running 4.2 or higher to send and receive files from any brand of mobile phone from BlackBerry to Nokia and any computer (Mac or PC) that supports OBEX Bluetooth file transfers.


Spire- Spire cydia tweak has released by @chpwn in collaboration with Ryan Petrich.


With Spire cydia tweak you can install Siri on your jailbroken iDevice on iOS 5.0.x, and Spire is a free tweak that you can install in cydia.

Spire is an awesome tool for installing Siri on previously unsupported, but jailbroken, devices. Spire is a small download, but while installing it will 
download Siri itself (directly from Apple). Spire is available in Cydia right now — go get it! This will use about 100 MB of data, so please connect to Wi-Fi before installing.


However, Spire does require a proxy to work.  This has been the greatest hurdle for getting it to work.  There are many proxies available.  I recommend paying for a proxy which works.  It is possible to use the authorization from an iphone 4S.  So if you have access to an iphone 4S you have a leg up.  Many of the free proxies are not reliable. Apple still requires authorization to use Siri, so information from an iPhone 4S is still required. Other solutions for proxying Siri will be listed here as they are developed — perhaps that sort of proxy might be included in the main SiriProxy repository.


Spire uses a new method to obtain the files necessary for Siri, so it doesn’t have the copyright issues encountered by previous attempts. Similarly, rather than directing all traffic through a specific proxy server (and the associated privacy issues), Spire allows you to specify your own proxy server.











  • SleepFx($4.99)- This Cydia tweak adds animations to the iphone such as old tv turning off while iphone is being put to sleep.  It offers a few different effects such as split columns, fade tiles, sucking and others.
  • Vexillum– s a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices which will let you change the color of the notification banner, as well as the color of the font used within the notifications. This tweak does not add any new icons.  The color and fonts can be changed under settings.  This tweak is Free under the ModMyi Repo








  • MusicBanner(Free) – Does as the name implies. Adds a banner to your iphone which identifies the music being played.  It pops up when the song changes as well.  Great tweak for the audiophile.






  • Motion– makes the icons dance on the springboard.  If you are looking to spice up the look of your springboard this will do the job adequately. This tweak is available in the Cydia store for $1.00






  • WeeTrackData –Tracks your monthly data usage as a widget in the notification center.  This is available for $1.99 in BigBoss Repo.






  • WeeKillBackground Pro –allows the user to kill all apps from background with one tap.  Great for closing background apps without doing them one at a time.  This tweak is available for $0.99 in BigBoss repo.



  • Protube– ($2.99)the way youtube should have been on mobile to start.  The user can download youtube videos directly to the idevice.  Copy and paste url, and much more. It also blocks many of the unwanted ads.  It has an HD version for the ipad.  This is one tweak I will never be without.







  • ColorBanner($1.99)-Allows the user to set the color of the notification banner.  It has a set number to choose from but I think it will increase as its updated.







  • ColoredKnob($0.99)- Set the slider color to several different colors inside this app.  It really adds a touch of personality to the lock screen.





  • MyAssistant($0.99)-allows an in depth control and customization to Siri.  Open application such as Facebook, Twitter through voice commands.   Set the commands to any voice command you wish.  Do things such as power on/off, turn bluetooth on/off, and much much more.  This is a very in depth application. The sky is the limit.





  • Hands-Free Control($2.99)-allows the user to control all commands throuch voice.  Send text, make phone calls, turn on/off bluetooth and much more without touching the iphone at anytime. The Battery life has been a concern from many.  The developers released the following statements:

“We have performed numerous tests to make Hands-Free Control™ as lightweight as possible. Continually listening as a background service it consumes less than 1% processor use.  Upon keyword recognition it jumps up to 15-25% for about a second.  Compare this to turning on and unlocking your iPhone, which consumes about 25-35% processor use for about two seconds and it is actually more battery efficient to use Hands-Free Control™ to make a phone call than trying to do it manually.Projected battery life times have been anywhere from 10-20 hours on an iPhone 4 running Hands-Free Control™ non-stop.  This should allow for a full day’s use out of your phone without running out of battery.  We are still working to make Hands-Free Control™ as efficient as possible and look for even better battery performance in the future.”






  • IntelliScreenX-($9.99)The most advance notification screen on the market.  You can add RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook all on your notification screen.  You can answer tweets, email from the notification screen also.  This is one of the best Cydia tweets available.  Many users Jailbreak for this app alone.





– View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, and more from your iPhone “Slide To Unlock” screen
– Taskbar Icons for Missed Email, SMS, Phone calls, and Silent status – QuickView/Preview Entire Email
– View/Mark Read/Unread/Delete your Emails from the Lock Screen – Reply to SMS/iMessages with Message+ (free)
– Completely integrated into iOS5 Notification Center – Integrated Twitter and Facebook pages
– Post/Comment/Tweet from anywhere – Access QuickSettings like brightness, airplane mode, Bluetooth +
– Advanced RSS Reader uses iOS 5 Reader to show “just” news – Can “pull down” and display in any app!
  • LockInfo ($4.99)-This is much like intelliscreenX.  It does offer more colorful options than intelliscreenX.  You can control blouetooth, ipod controls, and see all your notifications from the screen. Some Features are:
    • Push notifications right on your lockscreen.
    • Preview your emails from the lockscreen. No need to unlock.
    • Delete your emails after previewing them.
    • Mark emails, SMSs and push notifications as read directly from your lockscreen.
    • Manual refresh for mail, weather and twitter plugins.
    • Privacy settings to hide SMS text and email subjects and previews.
    • Adjustable font sizes.
    • Performance and stability improvements.
    • Note that many of the new features do not work with HTML themes for LockInfo (Gruppled, 235lax, etc). To take full advantage of the new features, you should turn off the HTML themes in WinterBoard.




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