Best Cydia Apps For iPhone 4S/iPad 2 New Jailbreak


Created by the developer of Cydia himself, Saurik.   WinterBoard allows you to perform certain changes to the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Theme your device however you wish.  Some themes are free while many are paid.


Ryan Petrich developed one of the most used tweaks on any iDevice. Fully compatible with iOS 5, Activator provides gestures, button and shortcut managements for iOS and more. As you start to install additional utilities you will realize what a huge variety of tweaks use the Activator shortcuts to allow users to assign certain gestures or swipes to activate whatever action they require. ‘Swipe Left’ across the status bar to bring up the settings sheet (although this gesture can be changed by you should you require). Activator is available free of charge via the BigBoss repository and is a dependency for a large number of tweaks and therefore will be installed alongside them if you do not already have it on your iPad.


InfiniDock, InfinBoard, InfinFolder

Add an infinite number of apps to the page using Infiniboard($1.99)

Infinidock- allows the user to Add infinite number of icons to your dock.  You can  scroll the dock horizontally($0.99)

InfiniFolder- Eliminates the limit of twelve apps to each folder.  Add as many applications as you wish to each folder.  ($0.99)


Allows the user to preset nine of your favorite apps.  These above the multitask bar.  This is activated by double tapping the home button.  It also has a second screen which contains many of the sbsettings selections such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and more. ($0.99)


Awesome way to control notification screens.  Get facebook and twitter updates directly on lockscreen. You can arrange notifications in any order you desire. This application also works for iPad 2.($9.99)

Action Menu Plus

Adds more options to copy paste feature.  You can also tweet from here.  As well as define words and more.  This is an application I use daily.



Delete Cydia apps directly from the springboard.  Simply hold down an app to enter wiggle mode. The app will then show an “x” attached to all applications which may be deleted from springboard.  It works the same as apple applications.


This is how youtube should have been to start with on idevice.  Adds more of the computer features and controls to the idevice.  It also has a built in download manager for saving videos directly to your idevice.

Package Backup

Save, Backup, and Restore Cydia Applications.  Upload to dropbox or contacts.  This is a must have for jailbreaking.($7.99)


SSH without computer.  Change things such as icons directly on the device without computer.  This is an awesome and complex applications.  You can do almost anything directly on the device if you have the knowledge.


Must Have.  The easy way to control your device.  Simply set to open however you want to with any gesture you wish.



SARA -has many of the same features as Siri.  This application is only available for jailbroken devices.  It can open or launch applications such as Faceboook, Twitter, and more.  Increase screen brightness, set reminders, or alarms, and more.  You need to add the repo from the image below.









FullScreen For Safari –  This is a great tweak for the ipad 2 and the iphone 4S.  The URL nav bar uses a lot of screen real-estate.  By installing this tweak you can double tap the screen to hide the nav bar. To bring it back simply double tap the screen again.  This will add more screen for viewing web pages with photos and such. FullScreen Safari is available for $1.99 in BigBoss repo.



ColorBanner – Change the color of the notification banners. It has several different themes you may choose as well as font color.  ColorBanner is available for $0.99 in ModMyi repo.


ColoredKnob– change the color of the slider knob.  Adds very nice look to the lockscreen. Choose from ten different colors.  This tweak is available for Free in the BigBoss Repo.


AirBlue/ AirSharing

Air Blue Sharing is a cydia tweak which allows file sharing between devices via Bluetooth.  To send or receive a file simply enable Air Blue Sharing.  It makes sending and receiving files a breeze.  Send songs, voice memos, photos, word documents, text documents, and more. Air Blue Sharing is available in the Big Boss repo for $4.99.

It makes sending files to ipad, computer, other mobile phones a breeze.  The file is transferred very fast.


Zeppelin-Add a logo to the status bar.  It has ten different logos to choose from or you can customize your own.


Double at- Add you favorite email or words of choice.  To insert the email simply double tap the “@”.  Very handy tweak to have available.

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