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Copy Blu-ray & DVD Movies in forms of Disc, Folder, and ISO Format 6X Faster Speed

Convert DVD/Blu-Ray Disc to Digital and Vice Versa

Summertime is the time for vacations and catching up on rest by the pool or deck.  What better way to spend some time resting than watching your favorite movies.  Tired of having to buy your favorite movies again in order to have a digital copy?  What about saving your favorite blu-ray disc or DVD movies to your iOS devices to take wherever you please without the financial burden of buying a digital copy of your favorite movie which you already have a copy of on disc or dvd?

Using the tools called Leawo discussed in this article it will be possible to save your blu-ray or DVD disc to your iOS devices to watch anytime you choose without the need to purchase a digital copy.  Users today convert or burn dvd/blu-ray disc from WMV format to ISO format.  Using this strategy users can then burn the disc in the future to either DVD or Blue-ray disc.  However, given the way technology seems to be moving its most likely users will prefer getting their current stock onto their iOS devices.  But either way, the options are available and Leawo makes this transfer extremely simple and fast. Leawo offers different tools ranging from $19.95 to $44.95 depending on the task at hand. Leawo offers a free trial so users can get a feel of what the tool can do and if it suits their needs.  Be aware the free trial version is limited to the amount of data it will convert.

Use Leawo Blue-Ray Copy To Convert WMVto ISO Format

Leawo Blu-Ray copy is currently available for $44.95.  It’s an extremely fast and simple way to convert blu-ray disc to ISO files for future burning.  Being able to convert WMV to ISO using BlueRay Creator is extremely simple to do following the guides on the Leawo website here.  This allows users the option to burn their own physical copying the future should they need one or convert their physical copies to digital copies also.

After installing the BlueRay Creator simply choose “add from CD-Rom” from the drop down menu inside the software. Users can now import the Blu-ray from the disc into ISO format.  Users can find a step by step guide currently available on the Leawo website here for simple instructions when the time comes to transfer your very own Blu-Ray.

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