Control From SpringBoard;Usefullcons Cydia Tweak

Usefullcons Cydia Tweak


  Usefullcons is a jailbreak twewak available in ModMyi repo for $0.99.  It adds twelve different icons to the spriongboard.  Each icon can be disabled under the settings menu.  The icons add control for things such as wifi, play/pause music, Siri control, rotation lock, Flashlight, Respring, Reboot, powerdown, Data Togglke, and more.  These controls are what we use most of the time to control our devices.  Having the controls at our fingertips makes using the device much simpler.


Usefullcons is a tweak many users may find useful.  No pun intended.  But for my personal use I think it just adds more clutter to the devices springboard, especially for $0.99.  If it was free I may give it a try but for now I am keeping my buck.  How do you feel about Usefullcons?  Are you giving up the buck? 

  • Pippo

    i was waiting for a similar tweak!!!! can you add bluetooth icon?