Click Fun Games

Click fun, offers a new social media gaming app which allows friends and family to play games for free and compete against each other.

Any person that has a Facebook profile is eligible to play the world-class slot games, whilst also allowing non Facebook users to play via a guest account.

The game offers over 75 levels of gameplay, each level containing a different theme.  The 1st game begins with some Mardi Gras Fever, where the jackpots are big and the winning is easy,  to having a snow ball fight in level 2, and at level 10, visit the Grand Circus, where their ringmasters, jugglers and clowns will have you crying with laughter.  At level 50, the adventures really begin, you will be required to face your enemies, and save your cousin down in China Town.

Hidden Games

There are many hidden games for you to unlock such as bowling, snowball fights, juggling in the circus, fishing for prizes, golfing against your friends, fighting against enemies/friends, party bashing through to flying planes and helicopters, which all secure you with fortune and glory.
Social Gaming

The best part about social gaming is that you are able to compete, and help each another progress through the levels, which allows you to obtain greater scores, and unlock levels at a much faster rate.  Players are also able to share gifts and receive rewards.

Sharing gifts, interacting with friends and meeting new people are just some of the enjoyable and interactive experiences on offer when you start playing these free online games.

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