How to check and reply to emails from Lock screen on iOS 7 using Siri?


Have you ever found the way to check emails on your iPhone and iPad a little cumbersome? Unlocking your device, finding the mail app, loading it and checking for new blue dots can be too many steps for some. Especially for professionals and executives waiting for an urgent mail, yet not wanting to show it off as a push notification on the lock screen, this trick might be a life saver. Instead of going through multiple taps every minute to find a mail that may or may not have reached your inbox, you can just ask you favorite personal assistant, Siri.

Using Siri, you can easily check for and reply to your emails, right from the lock screen without even needing to Swipe to Unlock. And if there is indeed a relevant mail, Siri already has it loaded for you so that you can quickly enter the mail app to take the relevant action.
Note: If you have set a pass code, you will need to enter it before you can check the mail, making the method safe too.

How to check emails on iPhone or iPad lock screen?


Step 1 – Press and hold the home button until the wavering interface of Siri pops up
Step 2 – As you might already know about Siri, she is intelligent. Just ask her about new mails in anyway you want and your wish will be fulfilled. “Are there any new emails?“, “Check my mail, Siri” or even just “Mails” would work fine.
Step 3 – If you’ve a pass-code set, you’ll be asked to enter it now, for privacy.
Step 3 – Siri will bring up a list of recent mails, both read and unread, on the lock screen.
Step 5 – Select the relevant mail from here and it will shoot you directly into the mail app for further action.

Do more with emails from your LockScreen

1. Tell Siri “Read my mail” and you’ll have the same list of your fresh mails and she will read them to you – Only the sender, time and subject are read though.
2. Ask ‘Show me last week’s emails’ or ‘What was the email which Ryan send me yesterday’ or anything of that sort and yes, you’ll get what you need.


How to reply to emails from iPhone or iPad lock screen?

1. Ask Siri to read the mail for you.
2. Siri will pause after reading each mail. Just press and hold the home button or tap the Mic icon during this pause, and say “Reply Thank you” or any message preceded by the word “Reply”.
3. Siri will type in a draft for you and ask for confirmation.
4. Review the draft and you have options to either Send or Cancel it.



So did you know your iOS device can do this? And do you think this tip will come in handy? Do you know better ways to use Siri with emails? Do let us know in the comments section below!