Top Five Favorite iPhone Winterboard Themes iOS 7.1.x Pangu Jailbreak

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We all get board of our devices physical appearance from time to time. We can do several different things to change the way it looks such as change wallpapers, lockscreen themes, and Winterboard Themes. One of the many reasons users still Jailbreak today is for the sole purpose of using Winterboard Themes.

Top Five Cydia Themes April 2014[Video]

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We try to share the best themes and tweaks every day. This time we are sharing Five great themes for the iPhone 4S or later. We tested each of these themes using the iPhone 5. However, they state in the description of each theme they will work will iPhone 4/4S. Unfortunately, I don’t recommend running themes and Winterboard on the iPhone 4. I had many problems a few years ago while trying to run winterboard on the iPhone 4.

Top Five iOS 7 Winterboard Themes April 12, 2014 [Video]

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We enjoy sharing our Top Themes, Tweaks, and Applications each week. We try to include our Top videos and post here on Friday or Saturday each week so sure to bookmark the site and visit often. We post App & tweak reviews daily as they are released.

Best 10 iOS 7 Winterboard Themes Released February 2014

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These are Winterboard Themes released during the second week of February 2014. We are not implying these are the Top 10 Free WB Themes out of all available in Cydia so please keep in mind these are new and FREE. However, don’t be turned away thinking these WB Themes are trash because they are not.

Top Five Paid iOS 7 Winterboard Themes 2014 Part 1

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Many users jailbreak their devices for the sole purpose of theming their iOS device. We have composed a video with the Top five paid themes for iOS 7 for Evasi0n 2014.

Best 3 iOS 7 Free Winterboard Themes 2014


Many iOS devices users jailbreak their devices for no other reason than theming. We have found and tested three iOS 7 Winterboard Themes which look pretty cool and cost nothing. Users will be able to find all three of these WB themes in the repo already on their devices.

Top Five Winterboard Themes July 23, 2013


Top Five Winterboard Themes for July 23, 2013. We hope you find a couple favorites of your own. Please take the time to share this socially and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

iOS 7 Features Using iOS 6 Jailbreak Tweaks


We all have been anxious for the release of iOS 7. If you would like to have an iOS 7 appearance but have iOS 6 running there are a few options for a jailbroken device. First, if you haven’t jailbroken iOS 6 yet take a look at the video link here. After jailbreaking your device you will need to install a few tweaks

iOS 7 Winterboard Theme For iOS 6 Device


We all are excited about the new look iOS 7 will bring. If you are jailbroken you can get most of the look now using winterboard themes and other tweaks. Watch the video below for a complete walkthrough on how to install these tweaks and winterboard theme.

Colorific Winterboard Theme By Dom Esposito


Coloristic  Winterboard Theme comes with twelve different vibrant wallpapers to freshen up the springboard.  Use these different wallpapers to change the look completely of iOS using Colorific winterboard Theme.

WhiteLine HD Winterboard Theme iPhone

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WhiteLine HD Theme is a new theme available in MacCiti Repo. It’s definitely not the clunky type we have seen in the past. It’s very clean and minimalist to say the least.

Our Prediction Of What iOS 7 Will Look Like This Fall: Using FlatiCons Winterboard Theme


We all are anxiously awaiting the release of iOS 7 suppose to be  this Fall.  However, while doing some internet surfing I have been seeing a late of what iOS 7 is thought to look like when released.  Please keep in mid this is all just speculations but we have seen over past releases most of the rumors tend to be somewhat true.

Top Three WinterBoard Themes Early 2013


Do you feel your iOS device needs a facelift? The good news is if you are jailbroken its a simple fix. However, if you aren’t jailbroken and have a device running iOS 6.1.2 or earlier, follow the instructions linked here in this video. It’s really a simple thing to do using Evasion. If you need help or feel uncomfortable jailbreaking your device in general click here. We have started a membership site for iOS users needing a little more help.

Favorite Winterboard Theme May 2013: Jaku Winterboard Theme


Jaku is one of my favorite winterboard themes available in Modmyi Repo for $2.99. It’s avery simple, clean, and classy theme for iOS. Users can add more themes to other paerts of iOS such as camera, sbssettings, intelliscreenX, Zeppelin, and more. One extra theme available for intelliscreenX is called K2JakuX

Aegis HD Winterboard Theme: Top iOS 6/5 Winterboard Theme

aegis hd winterboard theme

The Aegis HD winterboard theme is compatible with both iOS 5 and 6. This Winterboard theme adds manny different customizations to the device overall such as messages, ipod app, phone app, settings, wallpaper, and more. It does a great job theming the icons totally.

Ultimate New Winterboard Theme iPhone 5


This theme is definitely one of my favorite themes for the iPhone 5. I haven’t been a huge fan of themes due to the fact that Winterboard seem to cause problems. Fortunately, I think that time has passed and been worked out.

Weekly Cydia Tweak Round Up March 19, 2013


We strive to bring our readers the best content and most recent content for iOS devices relating to Cydia Tweaks and App Reviews.

Favorite Winterboard iPad Theme March 2013


Ayecon is one of the best iPad Winterboard themes. It does an awesome job theming many different sections of the iPad. Watch the video below to get a close up look at Ayecon for iPad.

Awesome Cydia Winterboard Themes For iOS 6 Evasi0n Jailbreak

Adding tweaks to your iOS devices is only part of the fun. If you really want to shock and awe your buddies add a Winterboard Theme and completely change the way the entire iOS devices looks physically. It’s possible to turn your iOS device into a device which looks like and Android device.

Favorite Cydia Winterboard Theme For iPhone 5 After Evasi0n Jailbreak

One of my favorite reasons for jailbreaking Apple devices is being able to use Winterboard Themes.  Ayecon is one of my favorite winterboard themes to use it can change the overall appearance of the Apple device.