How to Send and Receive Messages From Anywhere Inside iOS 7 Using Auki Tweak

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Auki is a new jailbreak tweak developed by Surenix and Benno available in BigBoss Repo for $3.99. These guys have done a superb job adding features to the stock Messages App which Apple should have done in the beginning. Auki adds quick reply and compose features to the Messages app along with a few other awesome features.

Best 10 Cydia Tweak Weekly Roundup April 11, 2014

Tweak Wall Roundup

It’s once again the time of week when we share the Top released Cydia Tweaks. We have many great tweaks to share with you. Don’t forget to shorter this with all your social media friends. They will really appreciate you doing that. Below is the list and a brierf description about each one.

Auxo 2: One Of The Best App Switcher Tweak

Auxo 2

  The most expected “Auxo 2″ App Switcher tweak for iOS 7 has finally been launched and released on Cydia. Thanks to the A3tweaks developer for such an exciting and amazing tweak of all time. Without doubt Auxo 2 has polished the stock iOS 7 App Switcher adding some refinements and features that has significantly […]

#PlayMe: Displays The Music On Status Bar


#PlayMe is a very simple and decent tweak. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require any configuration. This tweak display the music related information on your status bar which includes the song’s title and it’s author.

Top 10 Weekly Roundup (Free Cydia Tweaks) March 26, 2014

best 10 cydia tweaks 2014

Once again we are back with this week top 10 free cydia tweaks released in Cydia. We look back over the week at what has been released and put together the best and notable tweaks that the developers have created. The tweaks mentioned here are all free and we strongly believe that few or maybe all of these tweaks might be helpful and useful to carry out your activities with ease. Here below, we will present you the list of top 10 best cydia tweaks based on our usage of the tweaks (to note: the number rankings are just for the sake of clarity and listing the tweaks and not ranked in terms of performance or any other related measurements):

sPringPage Cydia Tweak Change Each Pages Wallpaper


SpringPage Cydia Tweak is available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99. It allows users to choose a different wallpaper for each page of their springboard. Each page will switch to the assigned wallpaper as you swipe through the pages. It even has the ability to add animation between each wallpaper changing.

Favorite Widgets For iOS 7[Video]


Cydia is full of different tweaks, themes, widgets, and more. It can be overwhelming to find the good stuff if you don’t know where to look. Fear no more, bookmark this site and our Youtube channel to stay on top of the game.

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks March,14 2014


These are the Top 10 best cydia tweaks for the second week of March. Most of the tweaks listed are free however few are paid version. We strongly recommend not to install and use any pirated/cracked tweaks as most of them are not updated to their current version and sometimes they won’t function properly. Here […]

Rain Lock: Add Animation To Your Lock Screen


This tweak is really amazing as it adds an animation to your lockscreen. It doesn’t add a rain animation but rather a digital rain that consist of one’s and zero’s or those icons in Matrix movie. These animation are very similar to that of the Matrix movies(I hope you know what is it) that has […]

IntelliScreenX 7: Changing Your Notification Center And LockScreen


I’ve got a good and bad news for you folks. The good news is that the long awaited tweak IntelliScreenX has finally been updated to support iOS 7 interface and the ARM64 bit processor. Those of you who previously owned this tweak know how it works and what it does and those who are knew to this tweak, well they need to keep reading and find out the awesome features it offers.

RocketLauncher: Launch Your Apps Directly From LockScreen


Lockscreen tweaks have always been popular, like JellyLock which I personally enjoy using it. RocketLauncher is a latest addition to your lockscreen. It simple allows you to launch your apps from the lockscreen by displaying the 7 apps from the app switcher.

NoCameraFlash: Disables Your Camera Flash


It is true there is an option in the camera app where the flash can be disable or enabled. However, users sometimes forget to switch it off when they try to take a picture secretly and sometime when you want to take a picture and the flash goes off because they forgot to turn it on therefore ruining the fun of taking pictures.

PassDial Pro: Call Your Favorites Contact From Lockscreen


Calling and Facetiming has never been easier. This tweak adds a speed dial like functionality to the lock screen. This tweak named “PassDial Pro” is developed by Sassoty and allows you to add a contact to a speed dial by assigning a 4 digit passcode.

Battsaver: Double Your Battery Life


If your biggest fear of iPhone is the battery life, then you should try out this awesome tweak named Battsaver. This tweak has been updated to support iOS 7. It is available on cydia for $3.99. Now what sets aside this tweak from other battery saver is that it offers various tuning and gives you an insight on what is happening in your iphone.

ColorBadges: Bring A New Look To Your App Badges


ColorBadges is an iOS 7 tweak made by David Goldman and is available on cydia for $0.99. ColorBadges gives you the ability to customize the app badges color to that of the icon color.

AppETA: Check Your Downloads Progress

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With the new iOS7, most of the user interface has been changed and modified. However, currently when an app is purchased and downloaded there is no way someone can tell how long will it take for the app to be downloaded and how much is remaining.

Top Cydia Tweaks July 16, 2013: Weekly Tweak RoundUp


We try to share the top cydia tweaks each week with our readers. This week we have put together a video with Three of the best Cydia Tweaks released this week in Cydia. Watch the video below for a closer look at these Tweaks.

Use Pattern To Unlock iDevices: PatternUnlock Cydia Tweak


PatternUnlock is a Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss repo for $1.99.  It’s developed by Jonas Gesture and provides a new way to passlock your idevice.  Jonas Gesture has developed several top name cydia tweaks in the jailbreak community such as bridge, Protube, MountainCenter, and many more.

Top Five iPhone 5 Cydia Tweaks Released May 15, 2013


These are considered the elite Cydia Tweaks because they are top paid Cydia Tweaks. We believe you will thoroughly enjoy these tweaks. If you feel we have overlooked one please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Top Five Cydia Tweaks May 15, 2013

top tweaks

We have put together a list and video of the Top paid tweaks for May 2013. These tweaks have all been released within past couple weeks so we know you will find something you will enjoy and use. Here is out Top Five Tweaks