Top 5 iOS Traveling Apps June 2014

top 5 traveling apps

With summer finally here, tourists will be hitting their holidays whether it be abroad or domestic, killing time on the journey will be key. When going away, it is important to know what is going on and where you can enjoy the culture to its fullest.

Sleep Cycle iOS App Review


Nowadays, getting a good night’s sleep is hard to get by, especially for those who are always on the go. Despite efforts to continuously improve an individual’s quality of sleep, there still seems to be a question on how much sleep is enough? For this reason, sleep tracking apps have become among the downloaded tools […]

GTA San Andreas iPhone 5 App Review


GTA San Andreas is available in app store for $6.99. The game has a cool story line to keep players motivated to play more and complete each task. One of the only problems OI have had so far is while trying to download the game my device showed I had three gigs free but the app wouldn’t download. GTA SA is only 1.63 in download size so this was a bit frustrating.

Machinarium iOS Puzzle Game App Review


Machinarium is one of the most challenging puzzle games I have played on iOS.  It’s available in App store for $4.99.  Please support the site by using our download links below.

BloodMasque iOS Action Game Review: Our Game Of The Week


BloodMasque is an iOS game users will thoroughly enjoy playing and fighting off other vampires before its too late.  The nineteenth century is coming to an end and you must hunt down vampires before they take over.  However, you are half vampire and half man.  Each hunt consist of several different stages that involve fighting through different enemies before taking on their leader at the end.

WritePad Note Taking iOS App Review


WritePad is available in App store for iPhone at $2.99 and iPad $4.99. We will be reviewing the application on the iPhone today. WritePad offers users the most advanced handwriting recognition software I have dealt with anywhere.

Tiny Troopers 2 iOS App Review


Tiny Troopers 2 is a war simulation game where you control your own special ops group. You send your characters into hostile locations with enemies everywhere. The game bases off missions where the main goal is to stop enemies from completing heinous acts.

Sonic CD iOS App Review


Dr. Eggman is at it again, but this time he is after the time traveling capabilities of the miracle planet. Sonic arrives at the miracle planet (which appears in the last month of every year) to find that the floating planet is chained to the ground. This is the work of Dr. Eggman. Sonic must make his way and find Dr. Eggman, and stop him from altering time. Along the way Sonic must collect 7 Time Stones, which he will use to stop Dr. Eggman.

Top New iOS Games Released March 14, 2013


March 2013 has proven to be very fruitful for iOS users with all the new application releases. Many of these games have become some of my favorite iOS games to play on a regular basis.

iMpossible Pixel iOS App Review: Arcade Style Gaming


Impossible Pixel does an excellent job at using the 8-bit graphics, it reminds me of an old arcade game. All of the buzz saw motions are fluent and your character moves smoothly from side to side.

Banana Kong iOS Device: Donkey Kong Clone But Much Better

bananakong app review

Are you looking for the top iOS apps?  Come here daily for the latest apps released for a close up look and review on the top apps both paid and free.  We love comments and feedback so leave us a comment before you go.
Banana Kong looks a lot like the old Donkey Kong.  However, this new iOS game offers much better game play, graphics, and control.

Awesome New iOS RPG Game Heroes & Castles


Hero’s and Castles is an action RPG game for iOS devices, which involves plenty of action. An undead army is storming your castle gate and you are the only thing that can stop it. Use your quick wits and weapons to crush the skulls of the oncoming army. The main objective of the game is to protect your castle from the oncoming enemies.

The Walking Dead App[FREE]: 2012 APP OF THE YEAR


Walking Dead iOS App Episode 1 One of the years most talked about application goes Free in app store. The Walking Dead Ep. 1 is currently available in the app store for free. Experience the true Zombie Apocalypse fighting your way to9 survive. The Walking Dead is based on the popular comic strip series created […]

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Review[Video]


MC4: Zero Hour Review Have you been waiting for the release of MC4?  The wait is officially over. Grab it today in the app store by clicking the download button below.  Fight against terrorist who have destroyed the nation.  Modern Combat 4 offers users a new mission which can be played anywhere with a smartphone.  The game played very well […]

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Review[Video]


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review Have you been waiting for GTA: Vice City to release on iOS? It’s currently available in the iTunes app store for $4.99. The game offers some action packed violent gaming if you can understand or use the controls. However, I’m not going to say this was the games faulty […]

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders App Review: Top Action Packed Gun Editors Choice


      Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders iPhone 5 Review: Editors Choice   Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is one of the most action packed game on iOS period.  Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders has awesome graphics as well as game play featuring combat flying planes during World War II.  Users may choose from single player, online, […]

Real Boxing iOS App review[$4.99]: Console Quality Gameplay In iOS

real boxing app review

Real Boxing iOS Application Review Real Boxing offers users awesome quality gameplay and amazing graphics. real Boxing can be compared to any of the top quality games on any of the larger console platforms such as Z-Box, Playstation, and others. Users can customize their fighter in many different ways such as looks, nationality, shorts color, […]

Hands-On Equations: Fun Way To Learn Algebra


Hands-On Equations: The Fun Way To Learn Algebra   The Fun Way To Learn Algebra offers a great way to learn Algebra.  Many students have great anxiety when it comes to learning Algebra.  They think they are going to fail before they begin which makes it even harder to teach them.  Being a teacher for […]

AngryBirds Star Wars GamePlay & Review


AngryBirds has joined forces with the Jedi.  AngryBirds Star Wars offers iOS gamers hours of fun with eighty different levels.  They have included several bonuses and suprise updates to come.  AngryBirds Star Wars for iPhone sells for $0.99 and the HD version for the iPad and iPad Mini sell for $2.99.  Click the download buttons […]

N.Y Zombies iOS App review: FourSaken Media Release


FourSaken Media has released the second version to new York Zombies called N.Y Zombies 2. This is an awesome action game for all the gamers who love killing things. It has great graphics and sound. However, the zombie grunt can get a little repetitive. Features: INTENSE ACTION – Co-op multiplayer with up to 3 players, […]