How to play Nintendo DS games on your iPhone and iPad?


Think the Nintendo DS is too outdated for your taste? Yet that memories of Mario, Sonic and Pokemon are haunting you always? Well now there is a way to play those classic Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad. And the best part is that it works even without jailbreaking your device, yeah! Making this […]

How to sort contacts into groups and send group messages and mails on iPhone and iPad


  The earlier days of mobiles when Nokia ruled and free messaging plans were introduced – those were the days of the stupid forwarded messages. Succeeding the mass forwarded emails of the last century, it has now gradually drained into Whatsapp forwards and our SMS inboxes are fairly free from spam now. Not sure, but […]

How to check and reply to emails from Lock screen on iOS 7 using Siri?

Check emails from Lockscreen on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever found the way to check emails on your iPhone and iPad a little cumbersome? Unlocking your device, finding the mail app, loading it and checking for new blue dots can be too many steps for some. Especially for professionals and executives waiting for an urgent mail, yet not wanting to show it off […]

How to get the 2048 tile in 2048 game? – Tips and Tricks


2048 has sky rocketed in the recent days to one of the top games on AppStore and even the Editor’s at Apple seems to acknowledge it by featuring them this week. This number game is based on the basic mathematical operation of addition but is addictive in the powers of two. Though the gameplay sounds simple, […]

How To Send and Receive Songs, Photos, or Any File via Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad [Jailbreak]


One of the major arguments put forward by other-OS  users against iPhone and iPad is that iOS doesn’t support sharing files via Bluetooth. And for many existing iOS users too, this is a major left out and I assume you’re one of them craving for a solution. You’d be glad to know that once jailbroken, […]

Loopholes in Your iPhone Which You Weren’t Aware Of

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12.15.28 PM

There was a time when Apple iPhone was considered to be one of the securest phones. Its iOS and wall garden approach used to make it secure. But the security experts and enthusiasts have spill water on the myth a long time ago by pointing out a number of bugs and security loopholes in the device. Hence, even the greatest technological device, the iPhone is not free from security issues.

iPhone and Security: Bugs and Loopholes Every User Should Know

iphone security

iPhones were once hailed as the securest cellular option, courtesy of Apple’s smartphone operating system iOS and its walled-garden approach. Security experts and tech enthusiasts busted the myth long ago and continue to point out bugs and security loopholes that leave the device susceptible to threats.

Get Top Dollar For Old Devices: TurnTronics


Most people are like me when it comes to new technology, they want the latest and most recent devices on the market.  This can be a bit hard to do if you are on a contract.  I have a way to keep the latest technology devices such as the new iPhone 5S.

Protect Your Valuable iPhone with a Suitable iPhone Insurance

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.42.46 PM

A lot of people buy insurance for their mobile phones in today’s time. Few consider it as a wise idea while few others think that they’re mere money suckers on wasting money and are of no use. However, for all those who have suffered a mobile loss could surely recognise the importance of mobile phone insurance.

Improve Battery Life Running iOS 7 On iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, iPad Mini, iPod


Battery life has been an issue for a long time when speaking of smartphones. One of the best ways to conserve battery life on your iPhone 5S or any other iOS device is common sense.

OfficeTime For iOS Devices: Get Organized Much Easier

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 6.27.20 PM

OfficeTime has been designed to balance features and ease- of-use, allowing users to easily track exactly what they do each day and how much they spend. Ideal for anyone who bills by the hour, OfficeTime makes recording and tracking time and expenses simple with a clean, elegant interface.

Turn Photo Stream Into Public Website


Simply take the photo you want to share or choose a photo from the stream you already have and share it publicly. During the process of sharing the photo you will see a very long URL across the bottom of the page with domain in it. The URL with be linked to the Title of your Photo Stream in the email.

How To Fix “Exit Safe Mode” Problem On jailbroken Devices


Most times this comes after you recently downloaded a new Cydia Tweak or updated your sources/Repo’s. However, it maybe something simple such as a bad Cydia package, Repo/Source, or possibly an update you haven’t made yet released in CYDIA.

Everything Users Should Know About Cydia: Cydia Tips and Tricks 2013


It’s very easy to forget the many different Cydia Tweaks which you have purchased over time. These are recorded in a list which can be found inside the Cydia App. Simply log in using Google account or Facebook account to see all the tweaks you may have purchased over time.

TypeStatus Shows Status Bar iCon When Someone Types Using iMessage


TypeStatus can be a useful tweak for persons wanting to know when others are type in iMessage. Users will see an icon in the status bar when the other person begins typing using iMessage.

Favorite Cydia Winterboard Themes For Siri 2013


Do you like theming your device?  Here are three of my favorite themes for Siri.  It themes the microphone and user interface as well.

Earn Free Apps Daily, Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes GiftCards By Playing Games


We all enjoy getting free things. It;’s even better when its a free application for our iPhone or iPad. FreeMyApps is a site which users can download applications and play to earn points.

Top Cydia Sources For Jailbreak iOS 6.x Evasi0n


One of the most important parts of having a successful jailbroken device is the ability to find tweaks. This is where Sources come into play a major role. Without the correct sources installed you may not be able to find the Cydia Tweak you are searching to find.

Easy iOS App Hack: Temple Run 2 Get Billion Coins

temple run 2 hack

Easily add one billion coins for unlimited number of upgrades. Start where your game ends with unlimited saves. This is a very simple hack for the new Temple Run 2 iOS app. It can be done on either PC/Mac computers.

Setup iTunes Allowances: Limit Childs iTunes Spending[Video]


Balance App Spending And Kids   Apple makes it very a simple and fast to buy apps, music, and other entertainment items for iOS devices.  However, parents usually pay the price for these luxuries.  What I mean is, most parents purchase the new device, set it up and hand it over to their children.  Now […]