How To Add New Storage to Your Older iOS Device

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PhoneExpander is very simple to use and only requires connecting the iOS device with USB cable and clearing out what you don’t want or no longer need on your device. PhoneExpander developers are still working to make the app even better. They are adding more features to improve its overall performance. It’s currently being provided as a beta which doesn’t cost users anything to download at this time.

Top Eight Reasons Users Should Wait For Upgrade iOS 8

iOS 8

Many Apple users are very excited about the public release of iOS 8 september 17, 2014. Although, it looks very enticing, the smart thing to do is wait. Tomorrow will be very hectic with Apple and iOS 8. The servers may see high traffic therefore it could make downloading iOS 8 difficult to begin with. We have put together a list of eight of the top reasons users should wait before upgrading iOS 8.

Messages Explorer for iOS: The Computer App You Need for Backing Up Texts

message explorer

Do you send lots of iMessages on your iOS Device? Do you save lots of photos or videos inside iMessage? Whether you are aware of this or not iMessage takes up a massive amount of storage space. Now there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. What does that mean? Messages Explorer for iOS allows users to save their iMessages on their computer and delete them from the iOS devices.

How To Record iOS Screen No Jailbreak Needed September 2014 [Video]

record iOS screen

Recording Display screen on iPhone, iPad, iPod running firmware iOS 7 or later. Theres a few different methods users can choose. I am going to share three different ways to Record your screen without the need of a jailbreak. That isa correct, these two methods Do NOT Require a Jailbreak.

How To Fix Water Damaged iPhone

iPhone water damage repair

We are all guilty of using our devices around water whether it be a pool, beach, or toilet. At some point you have put your iPhone at risk while using it is my best guess. Many have had unfortunate events occur such as dropping the iPhone in water or knocking it off the sink into the toilet. Whatever the case may be there are a few things you need to do immediately if this happens.

How To Use iPhone HotSpot On iOS 7

iOS 7 HotSpot

How many times have you been out and needed to use your laptop or iPad but didn’t have any wifi? Those days are long gone now with the iPhone running iOS 7. Users can easily and quickly connect their laptop, iPad, or any other device users may need to get a wifi connection on to use. Simply follow the few quick steps below to be up and running in a matter of a couple minutes. You will also need a device with a data plan and tethering option added too

Installous Alternatives 2014

installous alt.

The best alternative we have found and can get working on a dependable basis is vShare. vShare will allow you to download and install any application in the iTunes App Store. It’s broken down into five different categories across the bottom. Users can find their app fastest by using the search feature in the top right side of the screen. Tap the magnifying glass and it will open a search bar where users can type the name of the app they are looking to find. Refer to the photo below to see how vShare looks inside.

How to Send Facebook Messages Without Using Messenger App

No Facebook Messenger

A few weeks ago Facebook announced it was going to disable messages inside the main Facebook application. Why? No idea? This would require all Facebook users who send messages to download their Messenger application. So now instead of having one Facebook application users will have to deal with two. And if you are a user of Paper Facebook you may have up to three apps which relate to Facebook alone.